Antenna Accessories

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Zenith VN1001MGM4 Antenna Masts, Heavy-Duty, Steel

The Zenith antenna masts, 4-1/2 ft with gold finishing are ideal for ensuring a secure antenna or dish. These heavy-duty steel masts can withstand different weather conditions while continuing to support your antenna and dish for the ideal signal.

Zenith VN1001MKITRF Antenna Wall Mounting Kit

The Zenith antenna roof mounting kit secures your antenna mast to your house. This mounting kit is ideal for roofs and attics. The package contains a bracket, U-bolt and mounting hardware.

Zenith VN1001MKITWL Antenna Wall Mounting Kit, Steel

The Zenith antenna wall mounting kit provides wall mounting support to the side of your house for outdoor antennas. The package contains two brackets, two U-bolts and mounting hardware.

Zenith VN1001MTRW Outdoor Transformer, Black

The Zenith outdoor transformer converts 300 to 75 Ohm antenna style input to coaxial cable output.

Zenith VN1075MRW Antenna Rotator Wire

The Zenith antenna rotator wire, 75 ft is suitable for use with a rotator motor drive to controller unit.