Automotive Lighting

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EiKO 1156-2BP Lamp, 12.8 V, S8 Lamp

Clear or painted amber glass S-8 bulb with C-6/C-6 filament for auto back-up light or turn signal, auto/truck back-up, turn signal or high-mount stop.

EiKO 1157-BP Lamp, 12.8/14 V, S8 Lamp

S-8 bulb, C-6/C-6 filament.

EiKO 194-2BP Lamp, 14 V, T3-1/4 Lamp

Clear or painted glass T-3 1/4 bulb with C-2F filament.

EiKO 2057-2BP Lamp, 12.8/14 V, S8 Lamp

S-8 bulb, C-6/C-6 filament.

EiKO 3157-BP Lamp, 12.8/14 V, S8 Lamp

Clear or painted glass S-8 bulb with C-6 filaments for auto stop, tail signal, back-up and parking lights.

EiKO ABC-9004 Halogen Headlight Lamp, 12.8 V, 65 W, T4 Lamp

T-4 3/4 bulb, P29t base, 12.8/12.8 V, C-6/C-6 filament.

EiKO ABC-9005 Halogen Headlight Lamp, 12.8 V, 35 W, T3-1/4 Lamp

T-3 1/4 bulb, P22d base, 12.8 V, C-8 filament.

EiKO ABC-9006 Halogen Headlight Lamp, 12.8 V, 55 W, T3-1/4 Lamp

T-3 1/4 bulb, P22d base, 12.8 V, C-8 filament.

PM V114A Marker Light, Incandescent Lamp, Amber Lamp

Stud mount side marker or clearance light with built-in reflector optics to eliminate the need for a separate reflector. Push stripped power wire into "Quick-Lock" port to connect. Single wire for electrical connection. Features 15,000 hrs long life bulb.

PM V153KR Marker Light Kit, LED Lamp, 2-Lamp, Red Lamp

Built for long-life duty as clearance, side marker or identification light. Lens is welded to housing to form single rugged unit. Includes 153 LED light, 150-095 mounting bracket and plug.

PM V544 Light Kit, Incandescent Lamp

Tough molded housing and lenses with phosphor bronze contacts for durability. Belljar design, gasketed lenses prevent water from reaching bulbs and contacts. Use as a rear light for over 80 in wide applications. Exceeds DOT requirements for stop, turn, tail, rear and side reflector, side marker and rear clearance. Includes No.452 Belljar submersible lights, 25 ft trailer harness, 48 in trunk connector, plastic license bracket, all mounting hardware and installation instructions. Front side marker lights and reflectors needed to meet DOT requirements.

PM V821KR-7 Tail Light Kit, 9/16 V, LED Lamp, 7-Lamp, Red Lamp

Red grommet mount kit. 9 to 16 V operating range. Skirted weld joint for added protection against moisture. Does not require top positioning to meet FMVSS 108 standards. Compatible with 431-491 connecting plug. Proudly made in the USA.

PM V856 Tail Light, LED Lamp, 10-Lamp, Red Lamp

Solid state construction, no bulbs to break or burn out. 100,000 hrs rated life. Fully sealed, submersible construction. Potted circuitry(coated and sealed) protects against moisture, corrosion and vibration. Lower amp draw than incandescent lights. Designed to directly replace 456-Series incandescent lights. Integral, dedicated side marker diode. Exceeds all DOT rear lighting and reflex requirements for trailers 80 in wide and over. 7-15/16 in W x 2-7/8 in H x 2-7/8 in D.

Powerzone 12562 Light Bar, LED Lamp

Powerzone Light Bar, Lamp Type: LED, Lumens: 200