Battery Accessories

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CCI 966-12 J-Hook, Steel, For: 6/12 V Battery Tray and Battery Frame

Secures battery using hooks. Includes tempered steel bolts, washers and nuts. Used in combination with battery tray and battery frame/hold down (not included). Carded.

CCI 970 Battery Filler, Rubber, For: 6/12 V Battery

Safely adds battery acid to battery. 6 oz capacity bulb with flexible spout. Bulb is acid-resistant and engineered to retain shape. For use with 6 and 12 V batteries.

CCI 971 Battery Terminal Cleaner, 4-Way, Metal

Reshapes and cleans terminals and positive and negative posts at the correct angles. Assures ideal contact for surer starts.

CCI 986 Post and Terminal Cleaner, 2-In-1, Steel, For: Cleaning Top Post Batteries and Top Post Battery Cables

Two-in-one tool removes film deposits and corrosion build-up. Cap pulls off to reveal brush used for cleaning terminals. Opening on bottom of tool designed to fit securely around any size battery post. Carded.

CCI 989 Battery Washer, Anti-Corrosion

Protects battery posts and battery cable terminals from corrosion. Top post batteries, top post battery cables, side terminal batteries and side terminal battery cables (6 and 12 V only).

GENUINE VICTOR 22-5-00609-8 Cleaning Tool, Dual-Purpose, Metal, Silver, For: Batteries

Clean battery terminals before they corrode or wear out, helps extend the life of battery terminals and battery cable connectivity. Dual-purpose brush. Metal construction.