Battery Equipment

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CALTERM 70306 Charger Clip, Metal Contact

All metal construction with color-coded flexible vinyl insulators and matched crimping ears that grip wire securely. Jaws clamp solidly on terminal.

CALTERM 70308 Charger Clip, Metal Contact

All metal construction. Spring-loaded teeth hold fast and secure. Plating resists rust and corrosion. Interlocking necks prevent jaw offset. Wire can be attached with crimping ears or threaded screw.

CCI 150C-2 Cable Clamp, Steel Contact, Black/Red Insulation

Color-coded grip sleeves. Clamps work on all top and side post batteries. Designed for 12, 10 and 8 ga booster cables.

CCI 905-1 Battery Terminal

Works with battery cables 6 through 1 ga. Side terminal batteries and side terminal battery cables (6 and 12 V only).

CCI 922 Charging Post

Converts side terminal battery to a post battery. Posts marked "+" and "-" for easy identification. For easier charging and testing of side terminal batteries.

CCI 923-2 Side Post Bolt and Nut, Steel Contact

Replace a worn or corroded screw/nut on top post terminals. Fits positive or negative posts. Includes hex nuts. Top post battery cables (6 and 12 V only).