Bee Hive Parts & Accessories

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HARVEST LANE HONEY FRAMP-101 Beehive Frame Holder, Metal

Easily mounts to the side of beehive boxes for holding your frames as you inspect your hive.

HARVEST LANE HONEY HIVEHLH-101 Bee Hive Stand, Plastic

Use to raise any standard Langstroth hive off the ground to prevent water damage and hive invasions. One protective hive stand per hive stated as standard.

HARVEST LANE HONEY QEM-102 Queen Excluder, Metal, For: 10 Frame Langstroth Hives

Use with 10 frame Langstroth hives. Place the queen excluder between honey and brood chambers to prevent the queen from laying eggs in honey. The excluder will also allow you to find the queen easily on hive inspections. Do not add until the brood is established.

HARVEST LANE HONEY WWBUM-102 Beehive Box, Medium, Ponderosa Pine, For: Langstroth Hive

Should be used as your Honey Supers or add to your hive until you are ready to extract honey. Based on the 6-7/8 in 10 Frame Langstroth and made from USA Ponderosa Pine with minimal knots, grade 2 or better, this box works with any Langstroth hive. Handle grips on four sides facilitate easy handling. Frame rest lip included. Recommend assembly shortly after delivery to ensure product quality. Dimension of 16-1/4 x 19-7/8 x 6-7/8 in. Assembly required and assembly instructions enclosed.

HARVEST LANE HONEY WWER-101 Bee Hive Entrance Reducer, For: 10 Frame Langstroth Hives

Fits the 10 Frame Langstroth hives and seamlessly integrate with all HARVEST LANE HONEY bottom boards. With a small and medium gap, the reducer can be used to completely close off your hive for transport or as a protection from pesticide spraying. Reducers are also used to reduce the entrance of a hive during new package introduction or to prevent the hive from having to much cold air during winter. Standard usage is one reducer per hive.

HARVEST LANE HONEY WWSB-102 Screened Bottom Board

Used to provide ventilation to the hive. The screened bottom board features a sliding solid bottom that allows the beekeeper to control the amount of ventilation without having to disturb the hive. Consists of a 45 deg slanted front landing board with the bottom board and solid constructed sides, along with a heavy-gauge galvanized steel mesh screened center and a solid sliding bottom for long-term use.

HARVEST LANE HONEY WWSS-101 Bottom Board, For: 10 Frame Langstroth Hives

Designed to fit 10 Frame Langstroth hives and lasts for up to 20 years. Spacing on the bottom allows for strapping your hive for transport or wind protection. Standard usage is one Bottom Board per hive to be used as a base for your boxes.

HARVEST LANE HONEY WWTF-101 Wasatch Top, Flat, Metal, For: 10 Frame Langstroth Hives

Constructed of galvanized steel stop a wooden base designed to fit across a standard 10 frame Langstroth hive and includes a drip edge to protect against the weather and pests. Engineered and designed to withstand pressure over 2500 lb. Use one top per hive.