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Sharp EL1197PIII Printing Calculator, 12 Display, Fluorescent Display, Off-White

12-digit calculator is ideal for the everyday advanced user, especially in a busy office setting. Extra heavy duty durability is ideal for power users. Features extra large fluorescent display digits for easy viewing. You can count on the fast and reliable 4.5 lines-per-second ribbon printer. Professional keyboard layout with left-side total key. Four key independent memory with second recall memory function.

Sharp EL233SB Pocket Calculator, Battery, 8 Display, LCD Display, White

Eight-digit pocket calculator is ideal for school, home or the office. Features a LCD display with large 8 mm display digits and durable plastic keys. The compact size increases portability and fits perfectly in your pocket or backpack. Other functions include percent key, square root key, three key independent memory and automatic power down. Operates on battery power.

Sharp EL310WB Mini-Desktop Calculator, Battery, 8 Display, LCD Display, White

8-Digit professional mini-desktop calculator is ideal for business professionals at home or in the office. The EL-310WB is finished in a modern white design and features a large angled LCD display and durable plastic keys. Other functions include automatic tax keys, percent key, square root key, backspace key and four key independent memory including memory plus, memory minus, recall memory and clear memory. Extra-large plus key and automatic power down. Operates on twin power (solar/battery backup).

Sharp EL501XBGR Scientific Calculator, Battery, 10 Display, LCD Display, Black/Green

EL-501XBGR model is ideal for students studying general math and science, pre-algebra, algebra and trigonometry. This green calculator performs 131 essential scientific, math and statistic functions. The EL-501XBGR utilizes a standard 1-line display featuring normal, stat and complex modes, N-BASE calculations such as OCT, BIN, DEC and HEX as well as one independent memory. Other features include logarithms, reciprocals, powers, roots, factorials, trigs, hyperbolic trigs and one variable statistical calculation. Includes protective hard case and operates on a battery source.