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Bayou Classic KAB4 Bayou Cooker with Hose Guard, 1 -Burner, LPG, 210,000 Btu, Manual Ignition, Steel

Bayou Classic outdoor gas cookers have long been the traditional choice for outdoor cooking. With a welded, one-piece steel frame, the Bayou Classic KAB4 is one of the strongest gas cookers commercially made. The design, which focuses on strength, safety and function, makes them the most efficient outdoor cookers sold. Bayou Classic's KAB4 outdoor gas cookers are portable, making them ideal for camping, tailgating and RV's.

Bayou Classic SP2 Jet Cooker with Hose Guard, 2 -Burner, LPG, 210,000 Btu, Manual Ignition, Steel

The double jet cooker with hose guard by Bayou Classic has all the great features of the original SP1 burner. The width of the cooking surface was increased to 18 in W making the SP2 double jet cooker capable of supporting up to 162 qt stock pots. The SP2 double jet propane cooker heats up large boiling pots twice as fast as other propane burners and is ideal for boiling crawfish.

Bayou Classic SQ14 Square Burner, 1 -Burner, Propane, Steel

The Bayou Classic square propane burner is one of Bayou Classic's more popular propane burners. This propane burner's top measures 16 x 16, which is viewed as more stable than the round propane burners. The height of this propane burner measures 13 in tall. The needle valve on the square propane burner gives you complete control over the amount of flame, so you can cook food or heat beverages properly. The Bayou Classic square propane burner includes a high-pressure regulator.

Texsport 14205 Two Burner Stove, 5000 Btu, Steel

Wind baffles support cookware and shield burners from wind. Each adjustable burner provides up to 5,500 Btu's. Pressure regulator brass valve. Baked enamel finish on heavy-gauge steel. Will hold two 10 in skillets. Metal socket injector valve fits either 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz disposable propane cylinder (not included).