Carpet Tapes

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Duck 392907 Double-Ended Carpet Tape, 42 ft L, 1.41 in W

Double-sided adhesive for permanent carpet installation. Moisture and mildew-resistant. For high traffic areas where moisture is a problem such as bathrooms, basements and decks.

IPG 9970 Double-Sided Carpet Tape, 36 yd L, 1-7/8 in W

A double faced adhesive tape for keeping rugs, mats, carpeting in position. Handy for hanging posters, mounting photographs, repairing books, holding sandpaper to sanding block, plus 101 other uses for holding two surfaces together. Adheres to concrete, wool, paper, plastic, tile, fabric, foam, linoleum and more. Strong adhesive, easily removed from heavy release liner. Vinyl tape will not rot. Water-resistant and designed for semi-permanent installations.

Scotch CT2010 Double-Sided Carpet Tape, 60 ft L, 1-7/8 in W

Scotch?? Carpet tape for vinyl, ceramic and hardwood is ideal for holding foam and synthetic-backed carpets to a variety of floor surfaces including ceramic, vinyl and wood. It is designed for indoor use on smooth surfaces. The Scotch?? indoor carpet tape is long-lasting and is intended for permanent use. It stays in place, even in high-traffic areas and is available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit many projects.

Scotch CT3010DC Carpet Tape, 40 ft L, 1.4 in W

Scotch® Outdoor carpet tape for concrete patio's and decks features a weather-resistant adhesive, designed for permanent outdoor use. It is ideal for adhering carpet to rough surfaces such as concrete, patios and decks.

Scotch CT4010DC Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Seaming Tape, 15 ft L, 2-1/2 in W

Use with synthetic- or foam-backed carpets or artificial turfs. No iron needed. Self-sticking, fiberglass reinforced.