Caulk Finish Tools

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DAP 09125 Caulk Tool Kit, Blue

The PRO Caulk?? eight-piece Caulking Tool Kit helps you caulk like a pro in seconds. Create a ideal looking seal, on any edge, joint or corner, every time while reducing wasted caulk and sealant. The tools are easy to clean and can be used time and time again. Use them indoors or out on just about every caulking and sealing project.

DAP 18570 Caulk Finishing Tool, Yellow

No mess, trims excess caulk for professional results. Smooth finishes and seals bead of caulk. Reseals cartridge for storage and reuse.

Homax 5850 Caulk Finishing Tool, Plastic

Homax caulk finisher has a flexible rubber head that forces caulk into joints and smooths for the Perfect Bead???. Constructed of hard, durable plastic with a rubber handle that is comfortable to hold. Ideal for use in showers, windows, siding, sinks and tubs with latex, silicone or acrylic caulk.

Homax 5855-06 Caulk Remover Tool, Plastic

Homax caulk remover tool makes it easier to remove old, dirty caulk without damaging surfaces. The unique design fits perfectly into corners to lift and remove caulk using forward and backward motions. The angled tip digs into corners to lift away dried caulk without scratching surfaces. To prepare the surface for replacement caulk, simply turn the Homax caulk remover tool over to the flat surface to clean up film left along the edges. Ideal for removing latex, silicone or acrylic caulk from tubs, sinks and tile. Remove old caulk fast with professional results.

HYDE 43640 Caulk Remover and Finisher Tool, Plastic

Plastic caulk tools remove old caulk from tile or window mullions and lay down a smooth bead of replacement caulk.