Ceiling Fan Boxes

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Carlon BH525L Ceiling Fan Box, 1-Gang, PVC, Blue

New work ceiling fan box with nails and metal brace for stud finishing. Rated for fans up to 35 lb and fixtures up to 50 lb. 4.062 in Dia x 3.06 in D. Lightweight, noncorrosive and nonconductive, rigid, non-metallic wiring box combines features of hard shell thermoset box and thermoplastic PVC style box. Molded of strong thermoplastic material, will not crack or break, even in extreme environments. Resists flexing and holds shape even under the worst conditions. Provides large wire capacity and comes with molded-in nailing flanges. UL listed.

Legrand Wiremold B4F Ceiling Fan Box, Ivory

For bringing power to a light fixture, ceiling fan, smoke detector or other round based fixtures.

RACO 294 Ceiling Box, 2-Gang, Steel, Silver

Ceiling fan box, 4 in octagon, 1 bottom 1/2 in TKO knockout. 2-1/8 in depth, 22.3 cu-in. Used in new work and renovations. Features FA bracket for wood studs or joists, which allows box to be securely mounted flush. Ceiling fan rated, can be used in the installation of heavy light fixtures or ceiling fans. Recommended support load for ceiling fan is 70 lb, for fixtures is 150 lb. Includes non-metallic sheathed cable connector, mounting hardware, high-strength hardened screws and instructions. Acceptable for use in 2 hrs rated walls and ceilings. UL listed.

RACO 7120 Ceiling Box, Polycarbonate, Black

Round polycarbonate, 4 in Dia, 12.5 cu-in black non-metallic ceiling fan support saddle box, used in new work to mount a ceiling fan or heavy light fixture. Supports a 70 lb fan or 210 lb fixture. Saddle design straddles standard joist. Hands-free installation. 1/2 in setback. Two 1/2 in knock outs on the side. Four cable clamps, mounting hardware, instructions and high-strength, hardened screws included. 2 hrs fire rating, UL Orange Book. UL listed.

RACO 926 Ceiling Box, 1-Gang, Steel, Silver

Ceiling fan box with brace, 1-1/2 in deep, 15.8 cu-in box, for new work, to hang ceiling fans and light fixtures between joists or structural members safely and securely. Drawn construction. Maximum 70 lb fan or 90 lb fixture. Brace is adjustable form 16 to 24 in. Includes two end 1/2 in knockouts. Acceptable for use in 2 hrs fire rated walls and ceilings. UL listed.

Westinghouse 0101000 Saf-T Brace, Steel

The Saf-T-Brace allows you to safely install a ceiling fan or light fixture without access to attic space and provides secure attachment to an existing ceiling joist. Ideal for installation during new construction or remodeling, the mounting brace can also be installed in finished ceilings through a hole large enough to fit the box. Each end of the Saf-T-Brace includes four teeth for an extra-strong grip and screws into joists independently for added security and stability. For added ease, the electrical box can be positioned anywhere on the brace to fit your project needs. The heavy-duty, 1-1/2 in, all-metal electrical box, with 15-1/2 in wiring capacity has dual mounting capability for lightweight or heavier fans and fixtures. For fixture support up to 150 lb on 16 in centers and up to 50 lb on 24 in centers. It is acceptable for fan support up to 70 lb.

Westinghouse Saf-T-Box 0105000 Ceiling Fan Box

This Saf-T-Box allows you to safely and securely install a ceiling fan or light fixture during new construction or in locations with attic access. This heavy-duty, 1-1/2 in, all-metal electrical box, with 15.5 cu-in wiring capacity is UL listed to support fans up to 70 lb and light fixtures up to 150 lb. Featuring dual mounting capability, it includes 10 to 24 threads for heavier fans and fixtures and 8 to 32 threads for cover plates and lightweight lighting fixtures. The Saf-T-Box also includes a saf-t-cap to protect bolts and wires during drywall installation and painting.