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Pringles 84560 Potato Chips, 2.5 oz Can

The awesomeness of sour cream, onion and potato together can't be measured by modern science. We've decided it's simply a flavor combination nature intended and man perfected. We don't question it. We'll just keep making 'em, as long as you keep nomming 'em.

Pringles 84561 Potato Chips, 2.5 oz Can

We didn't use just any cheese flavor in these crisps. We went with cheddar, the king of cheeses. So you could even say it's a royal flavor. It's so majestically good, you might not want to mention it to your lactose-intolerant friends.

Pringles 84562 Potato Chips, 2.5 oz Can

Snacking gets awesome when you add the taste of barbecue to the mix. It's the flavor that brings an outdoorsy vibe to any gathering, whether you're at home, picnicking or road tripping.

Pringles 84563 Potato Chips, 2.3 oz Can

When you're an original, you set the standard for how it's done. And with the tantalizing taste of potato you'll be taking this gold standard all the way to the flavor bank.