Choppers, Graters & Peelers

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CHEF CRAFT 20732 Peeler, Nylon/Stainless Steel, Black

Set down your knife and replace it with Chef Craft vegetable peeler. The sharp, stainless steel blade of this peeler cuts through any peel with ease, allowing you to make quick work of any meal prep that comes your way.

CHEF CRAFT 21643 Peeler, Plastic/Stainless Steel, Yellow

Gone are the days you need to look up fancy ways to cut your vegetables. With this snazzy yellow product, you can easily julienne your vegetables without having to spend precious time looking up just what a julienned vegetable looks like. This grater creates beautiful strips of vegetables that are ideal for either salads or stir fry's.

Cook's Kitchen 8210 Cooking Grater

Cook's Kitchen Cooking Grater, 9-1/4 in OAH

NORPRO 110 Peeler, Stainless Steel, Black

Cushioned handle, ergonomically designed to fit for right or left hand use.

NORPRO 339 Grater, Stainless Steel

Four-sided box grater has fine, medium and coarse grating sides and a slicing side. Stainless steel construction. Measures 8-1/4 in.

NORPRO 340 Grater, Stainless Steel

Four-sided grater.

NORPRO 860 Fruit Peeler, Stainless Steel

Not just for apple paring, coring and slicing use the Norpro Apple-Mate® and Apple-Master® to create curly fries, chips-on-a-stick using russets or sweet potatoes. Scallop potatoes. Quickly create onion twists to deep fry, make French onion soup or to garnish a steak or hamburger. Core and slice pears for dessert. Screw to tighten onto counters up to 1-3/4 in/4.5 cm thick.