Christmas Decor Installation

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Adams 2460-99-1645 Gutter Hook, Polypropylene

The hook(s) can roll easily over rain gutters, gutter hooks hold every type of light including, C5, C7, C9, mini, rope, icicle and LED. Simple to use, even on a ladder or when wearing gloves, gutter hooks can hold multiple light strings and extension cords.

Adams 3210-99-1640 Deck Clip, Polypropylene, White, 25, Box

Tis the season to light up your deck! Deck clips roll on smoothly with no risk of damage. Also works great on eaves.

Adams 5150-99-1040 Mighty Light Clip, Polypropylene, White

Appealing to decorators with limited time, mighty light clips make for quick and hassle-free light hanging on shingles and gutters. Holding securely in windy conditions, the clip is unobtrusive and can be left up year round.

Adams 5730-06-1240 Stocking Hook, PVC

The safety-grip stocking hook hangs stockings on mantels without adhesive or nails. The soft plastic top "Grips" surfaces for a more secure hold.

Adams 8710-06-1040 Tie-it-All, PVC

The re-usable, flexible tie-it-alls are ideal to decorate banisters, railings, lampposts, and mailboxes.

Adams 9202-99-1740 Wreath Holder, PVC, Clear

The ultra-thin top fits all standard door frames without damage, while the soft gripper prevents scratching on the front of the door. Virtually invisible on the door. Rated to hold up to 10 lb.