Cooktop Cleaners

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Magic 3061 Cooktop Cleaner/Polish, Paste, 16 oz

Achieve a thorough, scratch-free clean with Magic® glass cooktop cleaner and polish. It breaks down tough, burned-on food and leaves a lasting polish.

Weiman 38 Cooktop Cleaner/Polish, Paste, 10 oz

Cut through the toughest, burned-on food, grease and grime with Weiman?? glass cook top heavy-duty cleaner and polish. This gentle, scratch-free formula restores beauty and shine to any smooth top range.

Weiman 70 Cooktop Cleaner, Liquid, 12 oz

Clean, shine and protect all stovetops and ranges with Weiman?? cook top daily cleaner spray. This non-scratch formula makes everyday cleanup a whole lot easier.

Weiman 98 Cook Top Kit, Liquid, 2 oz Bottle

The complete cook top cleaning kit from Weiman?? offers all the essential tools for keeping your glass/ceramic smooth top range clean, shiny and protected. Specially formulated for glass/ceramic smooth top ranges.

Whink 33261 Cooktop Cleaner, Liquid, 24 oz Bottle

Whink® cooktop cleaner cleans and conditions smooth top ranges. This strong, yet gentle formula has special conditioners that leave a protective coating which helps prevent scratches on smooth top ranges, while effectively removing residues from the cooking surface.