Crimping Tools

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Apollo 69PTBJ0010C Cinch Clamp Tool, 3/8 to 1 in Crimping, Comfort-Grip Handle

One-hand pinch clamp fastening tool. Fit pinch clamps of size 3/8 to 1 in, ratcheting action, full auto-release and LED light confirms full cinch.

Apollo 69PTKANG143 Crimp Tool, 1/2 in Crimping

Apollo Crimp Tool, 1/2 in Crimping, For: 1/2 in Copper Crimp Rings, PEX Pipes

Apollo 69PTKG1096 Clamp Tool, 3/8 to 1 in Crimping, PEX Crimping Plug

ApolloPEX™ pinch clamp tools are the most economical PEX tool available from Apollo® and are compatible with most PEX stainless steel pinch clamps.

Apollo 69PTKH0014C Crimp Combo Tool, 1/2 to 3/4 in Crimping, Comfort-Grip Handle

Use for PEX tubing and fittings, includes Go-No-Go gauge.

Apollo 69PTKH0014SS Crimping Tool, 1/2 to 3/4 in Crimping, Comfort-Grip Handle

The Apollo Combo PEX Stainless Steel Sleeve Tool is a 2-in-1 tool designed to secure 1/2 and 3/4 in stainless steel sleeves (not included) into place within PEX piping systems. There are no loose components, jaws to change or adjustments to be made to create either size connection. Connections may be checked for security using the Go/No-Go gauge. The ApolloPex system is a comprehensive piping system comprised of brass fittings, poly alloy fittings, manifolds, valves, fasteners, tools and tubing designed for implementation in water delivery systems, simple or complex.

Apollo 69PTKH0015K Multi-Head Crimp Tool Kit, 3/8 to 1 in Crimping

Apollo Multi-Head Crimp Tool Kit, 3/8 to 1 in Crimping, Includes: Calibration Tool, Carrying Case, Go/No-Go Gauge, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 in Jaw Sets

Crescent Wiss HC5V Five-Blade Crimper, Plastisol Handle, Red Handle

Crescent Wiss Five-Blade Crimper, Steel Blade, Black Blade, Plastisol Handle, Plastic Handle, Red Handle, 9-1/4 in OAL

Crescent Wiss WC5SN Hand Crimper, 22 ga Crimping, Cushion-Grip Handle

Crimps for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Made from quality steel for better edges with a treated industrial finish to help prevent rust. Cushion grip handles. Use for joining sheet metal pipes of the same size (can be corrugated, round or square) or repairs in the field. Matte black finish and red plastisol grips. Compound action. Throat measures 9-1/4 in L x 1-1/4 in D.

Malco C4R Downspout Crimper, Ergonomic Handle

If you are looking for a tool that efficiently downsizes the corners of aluminum or steel downspout, then the Malco 5 blade gutter crimper is the tool you are looking for. The blades produce 1-1/4 in long double crimps without causing deformation of downspout walls. A factory-like crimp ensures that the downspout walls stay square for a tight fitting, leak-proof connection. A handle closing stop helps to maintain a consistent crimp profile. Made with hardened all-steel construction and a nickel chrome finish, you can assure this tool will last a long time. Added power and comfort is also achieved with RedLine Handle technology. The handle opening of the Gutter Crimper compliments the natural power stroke of any user's hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage. Every handle is made with non-slip grip inserts, comfortable Handle grip contours, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch. All of these qualities ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation.

Malco C5R Pipe Crimper, Ergonomic Handle

Equip yourself with only the premium during HVAC installation with the Malco 5 blade sheet metal crimper. Each crimp from this tool creates long, shallow double crimps that replicates factory indentations. These longer shallower crimps result in a tighter fitting, more self-supporting, leakproof connection. Made with nickel plating to help resist corrosion and hardened steel for greater strength and resistance to abuse. The Malco 5 blade sheet metal crimper also features comfortable ergonomic REDLINE handle's. These handles offer non-slip handle grip contours, spring handle actuation and a thumb operated handle latch. The engineered handle opening of the tool compliments the natural power stroke of any user's hand.

SUPERIOR TOOL 07100 Pocket Crimper

Crimps standard pex black copper using 10 in vise grips. Fits all common sizes including 3/8 in, 1/2 in and 3/4 in. Made from solid hardened alloy steel. Meets ASTM F1807 spec for crimping pex. Includes crimper, pouch and "go-no go" gauge.

Zurn QCRTQCRM Qickclamp Crimp Tool, 3/8 to 3/4 in Crimping

The medium QCRTQCRM QickClamp ratcheting crimp tool conveniently and effectively crimps 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 in QickClamp rings.