Deck Washes

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Cabot Problem-Solver 8003 Wood Brightener, Liquid, Clear Blue, 1 gal

Formulated to remove unsightly discoloration of wood cause by tannin bleed extractive-prone wood species such as cedar and redwood. Remove nail and metal rust stains. For use on new or previously stained, painted or unfinished wood surfaces including decks, siding fences, railings and steps. On weather wood brightener renews the rich "new wood" look. One gallon of diluted brighter will clean 200 to 250 sq-ft.

Cabot Problem-Solver 8008 Wood Brightener, Liquid, 1 gal

Cabot® Wood brightener is formulated specifically to remove unsightly discoloration of wood caused by tannin bleed in extractive-prone wood types suchas cedar and redwood. It also removes nail and metal rust stains. This product can be used on all painted, stained and unfinished wood surfaces. Plus, when used on weathered wood, Cabot® wood brightener brings back the rich, new wood look. Cabot wood brightener is not a paint or stain remover. It will, however, remove paint or stain on an unsound surface.

Duckback DB0042106-42 Deck Cleaner, Solid, Light Blue, 2.5 lb, Bottle

Duckback® composite deck cleaner is the easy to use way to clean and removes surface stains caused by dirt, grease, mold, mildew and algae from all types of composite decking, vinyl fences and siding and other synthetic composite surfaces. Composite deck cleaner uses a unique oxygen bleach technology combined with active cleaning ingredients which when mixed with water releases oxygen, attacking and breaking down organic stains and dirt. Contains No calcium hypochlorite bleach.

Duckback SUPERDECK DB0014404-16 Wood Cleaner, Liquid, Light Blue, 1 gal, Bottle

A concentrated product formulated to remove foreign matter from wood, including, oxidized (failed) coatings, dirt, grease, oil, pollen and surface stains caused by mildew.

M-1 DRC1G Deck Cleaner, Liquid, Mild, Yellow, 1 gal, Bottle

M-1 deck and roof cleaner is a combination of cleaning agents designed to clean and remove dirt, mildew,algae and fungus stains. It will restore the appearance of weathered wood and is also recommended for cleaning composite decks.

Mold Armor FG505 Deck and Fence Wash, Liquid, Yellow, 1 gal, Spray Dispenser

Mold Armor® E-Z Deck, fence and patio wash kills mold, mildew and algae - leaving behind cleaner, brighter wood decks, fences and porches. The powerful concentrated formula can be applied with a pump up tank sprayer. Just wait 10 min and rinse.

Mold Armor FG51264 Deck and Fence Wash, Liquid, Yellow, 64 oz, Spray Dispenser

Is your deck or wood fence fading, dingy, graying, weathered. Clean and restore your deck to its natural color and beauty with Mold Armor® E-Z Deck, Fence and Patio Wash. It kills mold and mildew quickly and easily cleans away dirt, debris and algae stains from your wood deck, fencing and patio.