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Klean Strip QWN285 Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser, Liquid, 1 qt

Klean-Strip® Easy liquid sandpaper deglosses surfaces much easier than sanding to help new finishes adhere to old finishes. Works on paint, varnish, enamel and stain and is great for kitchen cabinets, wood moldings and door facings.

KRUD KUTTER GO326 Deglosser, Liquid, 32 oz, Bottle

Gloss-off pre-paint surface preparation is a no rinse formula that's specially designed to prepare high gloss and other hard-to-stick-to surfaces for repainting or refinishing. Specially formulated to help new paint and varnish bond to old finishes or as a wall preparation prior to wallpapering. It removes dirt, grease, grime, smoke, mildew, food stains, heel marks, crayon, old wallpaper paste and wax from painted or unpainted wood, metal or vinyl wallpaper.

SAVOGRAN 1282 Modern Deglosser, Liquid

Deglosser cleans oil, grease and paint remover sludge from wood and metal and heel marks, dirt and pencil marks from new wood. It etches high-gloss enamel, varnish and marine paint finishes to improve bonding of new finishes. Eliminates sanding prior to recoating. Great for walls, ceilings, doors, woodwork and floors. DCM-free. Multi-purpose solvent VOC compliant.