Disposal Drain Parts

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Danco 10427 Garbage Disposal Strainer, Plastic, Black, For Garbage Disposals, Kitchen Sink

Featuring a concave design, the Danco garbage disposal strainer is the ideal strainer to help prevent food and silverware from falling into the disposal. It is constructed of durable plastic and provides strength and reliability that will endure the rigors of everyday use. This strainer is the ideal accessory to your kitchen sink.

Danco 54666 Disposal Bend, Plastic, White

Designed for use in tubular sink garbage disposal drain applications. Slip-joint connection makes for an easy installation. 1-1/2 in.

Danco 80348 Waste Bend Tailpiece Gasket, Rubber, For Tailpiece Elbows

Use the Danco tailpiece gasket when repairing leaks underneath the sink. Leaks occur where the flange plastic tailpiece attaches to the drain. The gasket will provide a positive seal and stop the water leaks.

Danco 88002 Repair Kit, Steel, For 88003 Tailpiece Elbows

This In-Sink-Erator disposal repair kit comes with all the hardware you need to help connect a tailpiece to your disposal or make a repair on your existing disposer. The rubber washer is inserted into the threaded end of an aerator and used as a water sealant, stopping the water from leaking out of the aerator itself. This disposal repair kit is designed for an easy installation.

Danco 88441 Tailpiece with Gasket, Plastic, For InSinkErator Models

Plastic construction. 1-1/2 in OD x 8 in L.

Danco Disposal Genie 10051 Disposal Genie, Plastic, Black, For Standard Garbage Disposal Openings

Protect yourself and your garbage disposal against costly damages with the Danco Disposal Genie???. The Disposal Genie??? is not a stopper. On the contrary, it sits in the disposer and allows small particles of food and water to flow freely into the disposal while preventing silverware and other items from slipping into the drain. The disposal can run freely with the genie in place. Use the handy rubber scraper to push food off the plates and down into the drain, keeping your hands away from the running disposal. The universal design fits all standard disposal openings.

InSinkErator 09963D Standard Mounting Gasket, Rubber, Black

Replacement sink gasket designed specifically for use on the following InSinkErator models: Badger1, Badger5, Badger5XP, 444, Pro 333 and Septic Disposer. The InSinkErator exclusive Quick-Lock sink mount enables quick and easy gasket replacement.