Drain Root Treatment

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ROEBIC FRK6 Root Killer, Granular, 1 lb, Can

Foaming root killer destroys roots that find their way into in a home's sewer line, which can cause costly backups. Foaming root killer is a patented product which foams on contact with water to fill the entire pipe line with the root killing agent dichlobenil. Foaming root killer is recommended for severe recurring root problems.

ROEBIC K-77 Root Killer, Crystal, Powder, 2 lb, Bottle

K-77 root killer destroys clogging tree and shrub roots from pipes fast. When roots invade sewer pipes and clog septic system drain fields, ROEBIC's fast acting root killing formulas are needed. K-77 root killer clears roots from leach fields, improving drainage and flow. This can prevent standing water and soggy conditions from developing over a leach field.

Zep ZROOT24 Commercial Root Killer, Granular Solid

Zep Commercial Root Killer, Granular Solid Form, Odorless Odor/Scent, 2.284 Specific Gravity