Driveway Coating Applicators

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BIRDWELL 112-12 Driveway Coater, 18 in L x 2 in W x 3/4 in H Head, Hardwood Head, 48 in L Handle

Hardwood block with 5/8 in x 18 in squeegee. 2 in natural palmyra fiber. Threaded hole. 7/8 in x 48 in hardwood handle.

DQB 11913 Coater Brush, Hardwood Head

Permits even distribution of black top dressings on driveways, roofs, streets, parking lots and more. Bristles trimmed 2 in. Hardwood block with squeegee and threaded handle hole.

DQB 11920 Driveway Applicator, 54 in L Handle

For applying blacktop driveway dressing, roof coating and asphalt sealers. 2 in trim.

DQB 11962 Roof Brush, Hardwood Head, 54 in L Handle

Extra-long bristles for applying blacktop dressings and roof coatings. White tampico bristles, trimmed 3 in.