Dry Herbicides

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Gordon's 5343502 Copper Sulfate Crystals, 10 lb

Designed for aquatic use and control of various aquatic algae and certain weeds in ponds and lakes, ditches and irrigation systems. Controls green and blue-green algae, diatoms and flagellates and some weeds. Ready to use.

Image 100502581 Noxall Vegetation Killer, 10 lb Bag

Kill unwanted weeds and grasses with Noxall vegetation killer. This non-selective product destroys all vegetation in its path and is ideal for spreading on walkways, along fences and under decks. This proprietary formula kills existing vegetation down to the roots and prevents re-growth for one year. Ready-to-use granules - use to kill unwanted weeds and grasses. Prevents re-growth for up to 1 year.

Martin's Pramitol 82100040 Pelleted Herbicide, Solid, 25 lb

Pramitol?? 5PS Pelleted Herbicide Pramitol?? is a non-selective post-emergent bare ground herbicide that acts as a soil sterilant preventing plant growth for up to 1 year from application.