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CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL 912BK Lobby Dustpan, 36-3/4 in L, Plastic, Black

Plastic hopper with strong vinyl coated steel handle. Pan snap-locks in use and releases to dump or carry. Space saving hanger for storage. The true-edge of pan conforms to floor, no need for repeated sweeping. 10-3/4 in x 12 in x 36-3/4 in.


Cleans cobwebs, walls, ceilings, cornices, floors with electrostatic action. Handle extends to 59 in. Comes in assorted colors, Red and blue.

Fulton 182B-20PK Open Dustpan, 7-1/2 in L, Steel, Black

Open Dustpan, Steel, Black, 7-1/2 in L, 12-3/4 in W, Enamel-Coated

Quickie 098 Telescoping Web Duster, Extendable Handle, Poly Fiber Head

Think of every place you need to dust but never do. This is the duster for that job. Split-tip poly fibers grab even the finest dust particles and can reach deep into tiny cracks and corners. This is the perfect cleaning tool for dusting screens, shutters, air vents, crown molding, exposed beams, blinds, ducts, vent grates and light fixtures. The handle extends to 60 in for even those hard-to reach spots.

Quickie 402 Dustpan and Brush Set, 12.02 in L, Plastic/Polyfiber

Flagged fibers on brush gather small particles. All plastic construction will not rust or crack. Brush locks in full-size dustpan to keep set together. Convenient hang-up feature.

Quickie 407-3/6 Dustpan, 3 in L, Steel

Epoxy-coated steel ribbed construction for extra strength. Convenient hang-up feature.

Quickie 428 Dustpan, 18.88 in L, Aluminum

Ribbed construction for extra strength. Large handle for easier lifting of heavy-duty loads.

Quickie 429 Dustpan and Lobby Broom, Plastic/Poly Fiber

This lobby broom and dustpan combo means no bending for you! Save your back and let these tools do the work. The broom is made of split tip poly fibers and a 30 in powder coated steel handle with a comfortable grip. The large-capacity dustpan features a floor-molding lip that helps you sweep up small and large dirt with ease. And with its patented flip-lock system, you just snap brush and pan together for easy and convenient storage. A swivel hang-up feature allows for off-the-floor storage.

Quickie 436-3/72 Flexible Static Duster, Ergonomic Handle, Fiber Head

Abundant fibers attract dust like a magnet. The fiber is twisted onto metal wire. Flexible head for dusting ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach places. Comfort grip handle with convenient hang-up feature. PVC bristles.

Quickie 441 Dustpan, 18 in L, Plastic

Extra wide 11 in beveled opening. Snaps onto standard broom handle, also features hole in handle for hang-up. Plastic.

Quickie 446-3/48 Mini Sweep and Dustpan, 8 in L, Plastic

Interlocking dustpan and brush in easy to remove design. Ergonomic soft-grip handle and flagged, angled poly fibers for easy sweeping. Convenient hang-up feature.

Quickie 495 Dustpan, Plastic

This professional-grade tool helps cleanup large messes at home, the garden, jobsite or warehouse. Designed to minimize your back strain, the reinforced steel handle also comes with an ergonomically angled grip. The pan snap locks for greater control and swivels 90 deg to hold debris in place while transporting.

Simple Spaces 2033 Snap-On Dustpan

Rubber edge allows easy collection of dirt and debris. Large mouth opening for quick and easy cleanup. Dustpan snaps on to broom handle for easy storage. 14 in wide mouth. Ridged edges for cleaning. Made of recycled materials.

Simple Spaces 8497 Dustpan, Metal/Plastic/Polypropylene

High impact, lightweight, polypropylene plastic. Swivel pan and T-bar can be locked upright for mobility. 12 in wide mouth. 22 in metal handle with plastic grip.

Swiffer 11804 Multi-Surface, Trap and Lock Duster Starter Kit, Fiber Head, Comfort-Grip Plastic Handle

Use anywhere you normally dust, as well as on windowsills, blinds, cabinets, leather, computer keyboards and much more. Dust sponges have soft, fluffy fibers that can change shape to fit wherever it must go. A flexible plastic handle allows extra reach in both small places and large areas. Accepts refill #.41767 (SKU 471-5025). Box of 5.

Swiffer 16944 Electrostatic, Unscented Duster Refill, Microfiber Cloth Head

Unscented 360 deg dusters trap and lock up to two times more dust versus feather dusters. Swiffer 360 dusters have thick fluffy dust-locking fibers that go all around the duster. Contains six disposable dusters.

Swiffer 21459 Duster Refill, Fiber Head

Soft, fluffy duster cloth refill with fibers that grab dirt and lock it away. Use with duster kit No. 44750 (sku 531.8241) or No. 40509 (sku 949.5516).

SWIFFER 44750 Cleaning Duster, Fiber Head, Extendable Plastic Handle

SWIFFER dusters combined with 3' extendable handle to allow cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Pivoting duster head adjusts and locks into 4 different positions for cleaning angled surfaces like ceiling fans, cabinet corners and baseboards. Accepts refill #41767 (SKU 471.5025). Includes 3 dusters and 1 extension handle.

Unger 92140 Duster, Feather Head

Made with real ostrich feathers, this duster's natural oils attract and hold dust rather than just move it around. Can be attached to an Unger telescopic pole for extended reach.
$19.99 $10.00

Unger 978260 Mini-Blind Duster, Microfiber Cloth Head

Flexible, microfiber fingers attract and hold dust and dirt build-up from blinds better than a regular duster and without the use of harsh chemicals.

Unger 978310 Cobweb and Corner Duster

Keep your home clean from top to bottom with the Unger cobweb and corner duster. It traps and holds dust and spider webs. The unique shape is perfect for dusting ceilings, moldings, HVAC and corners with ease. Flagged bristles remove and hold spider webs from moldings and corners just stick it into the center of the web and spin. Use handheld or attach to a telescopic pole to clean high ceilings without a ladder.