Eye Care

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Diamond Visions RG-399 Reading Glasses, Unisex, 1 to 4 Magnification, Metal/Plastic Frame, Metal/Plastic Frame

Ladies and men's styles. Metal and plastic frames. 72-piece assorted colors and styles. 1 to 4 strength. "Cheater" reading glasses. Display rack not included.

Diamond Visions RG-48 Reading Glasses, Unisex, 1.25 to 2.5 Magnification

Comes in a colorful counter display. Assorted styles. 48 pieces per displays. 1 to 2.5 strength.

Edge 9702 Thin Rope Sunglass Leash, Nylon, Black, For: All Frame Styles

This thin rope is adjustable for a tight fit and is compatible with all Edge Eyewear styles.

Edge 9705 Floater Cord Sunglass Leash, Nylon, Black, For: All Frame Styles

This floater cord is designed to keep glasses close to the face without a hanging leash.

HY-KO KB223-BKT Eyeglass Repair Kit, Plastic

50-piece, Eye glass repair kit in display bucket. Each kit includes screwdriver, tweezers, four screws, two nose pads and two washers.

Vulcan 8082-13 Eye Glass Repair Kit

Vulcan Eye Glass Repair Kit