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Parmak 951 Taper Charger, 6 V Battery

6 V taper charger for 6 V gel cell battery. For use with solar chargers. Works with 6 V battery model #901.

Parmak 952 Taper Charger, 12 V Battery

12 V taper charger for 12 V gel cell battery. For use with your solar charger. Works with 12 V battery model no 902.

Parmak MAG12UO Electric Fence Charger, 1.1 to 3 J Output Energy, 12 V Battery

The newly updated parmak magnum 12 electric fence charger features Parmaks exclusive built-in performance meter tells you the exact condition of your fence line as well as the condition of your battery. It takes the guess work out of electric fencing. With more power than you ever imagined possible from a battery fencer, the magnum 12 features output equal to power line operated models. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. No moving parts means years of dependable, trouble-free services. The most economical 12 V solid state fencer operation on the market. The magnum 12 provides up to 3 months of continuous operation between battery charges. Weatherproof, portable outdoor model for installation anywhere on your farm.

Zareba EDC15M-Z Fence Charger, 0.8 J Output Energy

Use the Zareba® 15 miles battery operated low impedance fence charger to control the horses, cattle and other small livestock in your pastures. Even under heavy weed conditions, this battery-powered energizer delivers shocking power to all types of fence lines, including high tensile, polywire and polytape. Over other, similar low impedance energizes, the EDC15M-Z has a 25% longer battery life. Since it doesn't need an electrical connection, this Zareba® charger is ideal for remote locations.