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MOULTRIE MFG-13062 Tripod Deer Feeder, Battery, Metal/Plastic, Green

Set multiple daily feeding times of your choosing, make the feeder short or tall and get the durability of metal moving parts, with a wind-resistant metal spin plate and funnel. A UV-resistant plastic Quick-Lock hopper assembles in a snap, no tools required. Just insert the hopper into the kit and twist! New square, locking legs and feeder feet add stability to the already-awesome Deer Feeder Elite, which features a 360 deg feed pattern.

MOULTRIE MFG-13454 Deer Feeder, 360 deg Feed Pattern, ABS

Get more bang for your bucks with the Pro Hunter Series. This user-friendly hanging feeder easily mounts to any barrel or hopper using an included Quick-Lock adapter-no tools required. Pattern deer with wide 360 deg coverage and schedule up to 6 feed times a day with a programmable timer. A metal spin plate with raised edges protects feed from the wind while a hanging design easily mounted using any cable, rope or chain keeps varmints out.