Garbage Disposal Cleaners

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CLR GDC-6 Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Pouch, Powder, Peach

CLR® garbage disposal foaming cleaner and freshener are fast dissolving pods safe for use in garbage disposals. A fresh clean scent to remove disposal odors from food waste residue.

Glisten Disposer Care DP06N-PB Cleaner, 4.9 oz Package, Pack, Powder, Lemon, Blue

Food waste and grunge left in your disposal leads to foul odors in the sink. Glisten® Disposer Care® cleaner is designed to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal, safely and effectively cleaning what home remedies and other sink disposal cleaner brands cannot. Our powerful formula reaches deep to scrub away the toughest grunge and odor-causing buildup from the entire disposal and drain pipes. Glisten® Disposer Care® biodegradable packet cleans and scrubs the disposal blades, sidewalls, under the splash guard and other hidden areas, leaving the disposal, sink and whole kitchen fresh and smelling clean. This safe, convenient and easy-to-use garbage disposal cleaner is made with natural ingredients and is sink, drain and disposal safe. Weekly use removes buildup and odors while keeping your disposal running efficiently and lasting longer.

ROEBIC K-27-Q Cleaner and Deodorizer, 1 qt Package, Bottle, Liquid, Clean, Blue

Garbage disposal can become clogged with food particles resulting in sink line back-ups. These "stale" foods also create unpleasant odors throughout your entire kitchen area. K-27 Garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer is formulated to break down grease and other food particles trapped in your disposal. Regular use of K-27 will result in problem free and pleasant smelling drains.