Garden Wire & Plant Ties

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DIMEX EasyFlex 1150-8-15 Locking Tree Tie, Plastic

EasyFlex?? locking tree ties hold support stakes to smaller trees and serve a variety of other horticultural uses. Our locking ties are formulated for increased flexibility and minimizing damage to tree surface. Cuts easily with standard scissors or garden shears and has multipurpose function for other household uses like bundling cords and hoses.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T001B Twist Plant Tie, 100 ft L, Plastic

Plastic twist with built-in cutter.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T002A Twist Plant Tie, 8 in L, Plastic

Plastic and paper covered twist ties for plants.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T006B Stretch Tie Tape, 150 ft L, 1 in W, Plastic

Sturdy, strong and durable stretch tie expands with growth of plant.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T007B Stretch Tie Tape, 150 ft L, 1/2 in W, Plastic, Green

Sturdy, strong and durable stretch tie expands with growth of plant.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T009B Twist Sturdy Stretch Tie with Cutter, 164 ft L, Plastic

Use the Gardener's Blue Ribbon?? Sturdy plastic twist with cutter to tie your plants to their support stakes. By combining the spool with the shearing tool, you'll be carrying one less thing into the garden. The spool's wire cutter is easy-to-use, slide the wire through and push it until you hear the wire snap apart. The strong wire is highly flexible, coated in plastic and comes in a continuous roll just cut to the length you need. Use it to tie plants, shrubs and bushes in the garden, then use it to help you bind bundles of newspapers and other items.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T012B Sturdy Vine Support, Plastic

Gardener's Blue Ribbon?? sturdy vine supports you get a great kit to train and support climbing vines. Each package contains 25 6 in plastic-coated wire twists, 16 clear plastic discs and a tube of adhesive. Without using nails or requiring any drilling, the Sturdy Vine Supports are easy-to-use on any vertical surface where you want your vines to grow. Simply cement the disks to the wall and attach the vine with the included twists. The disks can be removed by gently tapping on them with a hammer and then reused in a different location.
$6.99 $1.00

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T019B Sturdy Tree Tie, 10 in L, Rubber

Young trees and growing saplings need an extra degree of protection and the Gardener's Blue Ribbon?? Sturdy Tree Ties will brace them on a stake until they're strong enough to stand on their own. These strong tree ties are made to avoid damaging delicate bark on young trees they will not cut into or choke the trees. Each strap is 10 in long and each has a wire tie that can be twisted into a loop to secure it to a stake.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon T025B Heavy-Duty Training Wire, 50 ft L, Metal

Garden training coated wire for many outdoor gardening needs.

VELCRO 91348PC Plant Tie, 45 ft L, 1/2 ft W, Plastic, Green

The ultimate in convenience for the busy gardener. Simply pull, cut and wrap. The plant tie cutter is packaged with a practical belt clip dispenser featuring a stainless steel cutter.