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GENERAC 5734 Portable Generator, 125/62.5 A, 120/240 V, Gas, 16 gal Tank, 10 hr Run Time, Electric Start

Over 3000 hrs engine life Fuel gauge Hardened steel tube cradle fixed handles Low tone muffler. Hardened steel tube cradle. Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge. Low oil shutdown. Hour meter with maintenance resets. Circuit breaker protected outlets. Dimensions: 48-1/2 L x 30-3/4 W x 38-1/2 H. Battery included but not cord. Engine OHVI engine displacement of 992 cc, Rated power of 15,000 W, surge rating of 22,500 W, fuel capacity of 16 gal, start type electric. Low oil shutdown. Battery Part no. 0D4575 12 V 35 Ah generator battery.

GENERAC 5939 Portable Generator, 45.8/22.9 A, 120/240 V, Gas, 6.8 gal Tank, 11 hr Run Time, Recoil Start

Hardened steel tube cradle. Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge. Locking fold-down handles and wheel kit. Low-oil shutdown. Hour meter with maintenance resets. AC rated output, 5 kW/5000 W, AC maximum output of 6.25 kW/6250 W, Voltage of 120/240 VAC, AC frequency of 60 Hz, 120 VAC amperage rated 41.6/Max 52.1, 240 VAC amperage rated 20.8/Max 26, engine type and displacement, OHV single cylinder 389 CC, oil capacity of 1.1 qt (1.16 L), low oil shutdown, fuel capacity of 6.6 gal (24.98 L), run rime at 1/2 load - 10 hrs, Dimensions 33-1/2 in L x 26-1/2 in W x 27-1/2 in H. Unit weight of 180 lb (81.6 kg).

GENERAC 5975 Portable Generator, 45.8/22.9 A, 120/240 V, Gas, 6.8 gal Tank, 11 hr Run Time, Recoil Start

For tailgating, camping, power tool use and emergency backup power. Features OHV engine, low-oil shutdown to prevent engine damage, covered circuit breaker protected outlets, steel fuel tank with built-in fuel gauge, hour meter to track maintenance, 1-1/4 in hardened steel tube frame and low-tone muffler. Includes fold-down handle and never-flat wheels. AC rated output of 5500 W, AC maximum output of 6875 W, Voltage of 120/240 VAC, AC frequency of 60 Hz, 120/240 VAC amperage, rated at 22.9/Max 28.6, engine type and displacement OHV 389 CC, 3600 rpm, low-level oil pressure shutdown, fuel capacity of 7.2 gal (27.25 L), runtime at 50% load of 10 hrs, 9-1/2 in solid wheels, built-in tank, manual starting method.

GENERAC 5976 Portable Generator, 54.2/27.1 A, 120/240 V, Gas, 6.77 gal Tank, 10 hr Run Time, Recoil Start

Long life OHV engine with low oil shutdown protection and covered, circuit breaker, protected Outlets. Steel fuel tank with built-in fuel gauge, locking, fold-down handle, 1-1/4 in hardened steel tube frame, never-flat wheel kit, low tone muffler and hour meter to track maintenance. Rated power of 6500 W, surge rating of 8000 W, manual starting system, low oil level shutdown, idle control full speed, 120 V receptacles, four 20 A 5-20r, 120/240 V, one 30 A locking, built-in fuel gauge, portability kit, hour meter, weighs 184 lb, dimensions 28.8 in L x 26.8 in W x 25 in H, OHV engine, 3600 rpm, voltage is 120/240 V single-phase, frequency is 60 Hz, rated amps is 27.1, max amps is 33.3, 7.2 gal. gas tank and 10 hrs runtime at 50% load.

GENERAC 6811 Generator Cover, Portable, Polyester, For: 5000 to 8000 W Portable Generators

GENERAC Portable Generator Cover, Polyester, Dimensions: 32-1/2 in L x 24-1/2 in W x 21-1/4 in H, For: 5000 to 8000 W Portable Generators, Includes: Elastic Shock Cord

GENERAC G0068640 Portable Generator, 120/240 V, 45.4 gal Tank, 32.4 hr Run Time, Electric, Recoil Start

The sturdy steel frame features an integrated lifting eye for easy transport and on-site security. 6% total harmonic distortion for smooth operation of tools, appliances, even sensitive electronics. 1-1/4 in steel cradle for added strength and durability. 12 gal fuel tank provides a long runtime of 32.4 hrs at 50% load. Yanmar LW Series 435 cc air cooled direct injection, industrial-grade diesel engine. Battery and portability kit including handles, wheels and front foot Sold Separately.

GENERAC G0068660 Inverter Generator, 120 V, 1.06 gal Tank, 7.7 hr Run Time, Recoil Start

Quieter, smarter, innovative inverter generator. Lets you bring power wherever life takes you. From tailgating parties to camping trips and beyond. Quiet power. The iQ2000 uses a different type of alternator than standard generators. A digital inverter module converts the raw power produced from DC to AC power. Engine speed varies depending on electrical demand, which significantly reduces noise levels. The runtime remaining display shows you how long before you need to refuel at a glance. No more guesswork or running out when you least expect it. The exclusive Powerbar monitors and instantly displays the wattage you're producing at the moment, so you'll always know how much capacity you have. The generator status indicators alert you to low fuel, low oil, overload or overheating. Parallel ready lets you connect two iQ2000 generators to give you twice the power when you need it. Parallel Kit Not Included. PowerDial with one simple to use integrate start, run and stop function. 3 modes of operation, Turbo, Standard and Economy mode for which ever best fits your needs.

GENERAC GP 7117 Portable Inverter Generator, 14.1 A, 120 VAC, Gasoline, 1.2 gal Tank, 10.75 hr Run Time

The GP2200i inverter generator provides outdoor enthusiasts with a portable power solution designed for a variety of open-air festivities. From weekends in the woods to outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, these models provide the stable power you need without disturbing neighbors or surrounding wildlife. Using TruePower™ technology, the GP2200i produces the clean power required by a variety of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. Compact and fully-enclosed, it's lightweight design makes transportation easy and it's Economy mode feature also reduces fuel consumption rates and noise emissions to operate quietly for extended periods of time.

GENERAC GP 7686 Portable Generator, 66.6, 33.3 A, 120/240 V, Oil, 7.9 gal Tank, 11 hr Run Time

Generac's GP8000E offers many benefits that make this model a favorite for emergency power or recreational use. PowerRush™ advanced technology delivers over 30% more starting capacity and electric start makes the GP8000E easy to use. You'll always be prepared with the plug-in battery jack that keeps the battery charged and ready for unexpected outages. The long lasting OHV engine and large-capacity steel fuel tank with fuel gauge provide increased durability and up to an 11 hr runtime at 50% load. Rough or rugged environments will not be an issue thanks to the covered outlets for added protection, heavy-duty wheels that will never go flat and a fold down handle that will enable you to easily transport your generator to any location. The low oil feature will automatically shut down the generator, preventing damage to the unit, while the hardened 1.25 in. steel tube cradle increases strength and resilience. And with the regular maintenance alerts provided by your hour meter, you'll never be caught off guard.

GENERAC GP Series 5940 Portable Generator, 67.8/33.9 A, 120/240 VAC, 8125 W Output, Gasoline, 7.2 gal Tank

GENERAC GP Portable Generator, 6500 W, 8125 W, 120/240 VAC, 67.8/33.9 A, 60 Hz, OHV Engine, Engine Specifications: 389 cc, Pull Start, 3600 rpm, Gasoline, 7.2 gal Tank, Metal Tank, 10 hr Run Time, Switch Control, Caster Size: 9-1/2 in, Orange, Dimensions: 27-1/4 in L x 27 in W x 25 in H, Includes: Engine Lubricant, Wheel Kit

GENERAC GP6500E 7682 Portable Generator, 27.1/54.2 A, 120/240 VAC, Gasoline, 6.9 gal Tank, 10.5 hr Run Time

Generac's GP6500E portable generator offers PowerRush™ Advanced Technology, which delivers more than a 40% increased starting capacity allowing you to do more with less. Generac's OHV engine and large capacity steel fuel tank ensures extended engine life and run times, while the steel tube cradle provides added strength. The low oil feature protects the generator from damage. The GP6500E can be easily transported across rough or difficult terrain with the heavy-duty wheels and easy fold down handle. Even maintenance is a breeze, with the hour meter keeping track of necessary upkeep at regular intervals.

GENERAC XT8000EFI 7162 Portable Generator, 33.3/66.6 A, 120/240 VAC, Gasoline, 8 gal Tank, 9.5 hr Run Time

Equipped with automotive technology and a load pickup response system that delivers smooth and steady power at all times, Generac's XT8000EFI portable generator offers hassle-free operation in a variety of outdoor settings. Thanks to a carburetor-free design, the XT8000EFI uses Electronic Fuel Injection to eliminate issues caused by bad fuel and pesky gum ups when the unit is in storage. To further optimize performance, the XT8000EFI also features idle control, which conserves fuel for extended run times. Other distinctive attributes includes a ControlGuard™ that protects the unit's control panel from Mother Nature's worst, a PowerBar to monitor load demands and an hour meter to keep close tabs on maintenance intervals. Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or simply seeking a backup plan when utility power is lost in your local area, the XT8000EFI can provide the power on which you've come to rely.

Honda EM Series EM6500SX21 Portable Generator, 45.8/22.9 A, 120/240 V, Gasoline, 6.2 gal Tank, 6.9 hr Run Time

Honda EM Portable Generator, Wattage Rating: 5500 to 6500 W, 120/240 V, 45.8/22.9 A, Frequency Rating: 60 Hz, Number of Phases: 1, Engine Type: Honda iGX390, Engine Specifications: 389 cc Displacement, 4-Stroke, Single-Cylinder, Start Type: Electric, Recoil, 3600 rpm, Fuel Type: Gasoline, Tank Capacity: 6.2 gal, Tank Material: Metal, Run Time: 6.9 hr, Control Type: Automatic Idle, Sound Level: 64 to 66 dBA, Housing Color: Red, Dimensions: 41.4 in L x 27.8 in W x 28.3 in H, Includes: Battery, Wheel Kit

LIFAN ES5700 Portable Generator, 42.2 A, 120/240 V, 5700 W Output, Octane Gas, 6.5 gal Tank, 10 hr Run Time

LIFAN power USA's energy storm ES5700 is part of our energy storm portable generator line. The unit is EPA Approved. This quality generator is a perfect fit for the emergencies, homeowners, jobsites, special events, parties or weddings.

LIFAN LF4000 Portable Generator, 30 A, 120/240 V, 4000 W Output, Unleaded Gas, 4 gal Tank, 12 hr Run Time

LIFAN power USA's commercial-grade LF4000 and LF4000-CA generators are part of our professional portable generator Series. The LF4000 and LF4000-CA has been field tested and proven durable and dependent. Our universal wheel kit (LFWKT) can be used with the LF4000 and LF4000-CA as its mobility kit.

LIFAN LF7250 Generator, 50 A, 120/240 V, 7250 W Output, Unleaded Gas, 7.5 gal Tank, 12 hr Run Time, Recoil Start

LIFAN power USA's commercial-grade LF7250 and LF7250-CA generators are part of our professional portable generator Series. The LF7250 and LF7250 has been field tested and proven durable and dependent. Our universal wheel kit (LFWKT) can be used with the LF7250 and LF7250-CA as its mobility kit.