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ADHESIVES TECHNOLOGY TM22HD Dispensing Tool, 22 oz Capacity

Features an in-line rod system, combined with a specifically designed friction plate that results in exceptional force making dispensing faster and reducing worker exertion and fatigue. Double gripping plates and steel trigger for increased durability and performance. For 22 oz cartridges, but comes with adaptable parts which allow for 16 oz cartridges as well.

Arrow MT300 Glue Gun, 100 V

The Arrow MT300??? is a compact, easy to use glue gun that's perfect for a wide range of DIY and craft projects. From upholstery and general household repairs to school and crafting projects, the MT300 delivers great performance at a price consumers love. Features include a self-limiting heat chamber, retractable stand and an ergonomic trigger. An integrated safety fuse protects both the user and tool from electrical mishaps.

Arrow Professional TR550 Glue Gun, 120 V

The Arrow TR550??? is a heavy duty, durable glue gun great for both DIY and Pro applications. Features include self-limiting heat chamber, extended trigger, removable precision nozzle, integrated dual purpose drip tray and handy retractable stand. Double glue stick capacity enables use of 10 in glue sticks or two shorter glue sticks. An integrated safety fuse protects both user and tool.

Arrow TR400 Glue Gun, 120 V

The Arrow TR400 offers top grade performance in a mid-priced glue gun for both Pros and DIY users seeking a value priced gluing solution. Features include a durable contoured housing for a sure grip, self-limiting heat chamber, insulated non-drip safety nozzle, integrated stand and sturdy non-slip trigger. An integrated safety fuse protects both the user and tool from electrical mishaps.

Dow Pro Grade 14 99046685 Foam Dispensing Gun

Durable, lightweight aluminum body. Nonstick can adapter and needle. Replaceable smooth dispensing nozzle. Designed to create an air-and moisture-tight seal between the gun and the can. Features a flow control mechanism that permits dispensing beads from 1/8 to 3 in precisely where needed. The ability to restart combined with pinpoint control allows maximum foam yield and minimal waste.

OSI 1413066 Foam Applicator Gun

For use with Quad window & door system. Detachable screw on tip. Instant cut off. 8 in barrel.

STANLEY GR10 Glue Gun, 120 V, Yellow

Ideal for craft and hobby applications. Small, portable size for quick gluing jobs in tight spaces. Uses mini hot melt or dual temperature glue sticks. Built-in stand.

STANLEY GR100 Glue Gun Kit, 120 V

Industrial performance with consumer appeal. Auto shut-off light for safety, reliability and extended life. Dual heater for 40% more glue output. Temperature switch for high and low temperature glue applications. On/Off light and protected nozzle for added safety. Soft, comfort grip, non-slip trigger action.

STANLEY GR20 Glue Gun, 120 V, Yellow

Quality performance for reliable performance. Heats up quickly and bonds within 60 secs. Uses standard high or dual temperature glue sticks.

STANLEY GR25-2 Glue Gun, 120 V

The trigger-feed standard dual-melt glue gun is perfect for both high and low-temperature gluing in one gun. This gun uses standard dual-temperature glue on both settings and hot-melt glue on the high setting. This glue gun heats up within 60 sec.

Vulcan JL-GG-10 Glue Gun

Vulcan Glue Gun

Vulcan JL-GG-40 Glue Gun

Vulcan Glue Gun