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Clorox 30108 Stone and Steel Cleaner, 32 oz Bottle

For marble, stainless steel and granite. Eliminates smudges. Non waxy. Streak-free shine.

CUSTOM AMMCRQT Professional Cleaner and Resealer, 1 qt Spray Bottle

A ready-to-use, everyday cleaner formulated to effectively clean and maintain the natural beauty of your stone. Marble, travertine, limestone and slate are medium-density stones that are susceptible to acids and oily foods that cause etching and staining. It contains Aqua Mix?? Sealer in its formula to reseal as it cleans, applying a thin coat of sealer every time you clean. Its formula is non-acidic so it will not harm your stone or grout.

GRANITE GOLD GG0032 Non-Toxic Daily Cleaner, 24 oz

Streak-free granite cleaner safely deep-cleans granite, marble, travertine and all other natural-stone and quartz surfaces. GRANITE GOLD Daily Cleaner?? quickly removes all types of spills and soils and leaves a fresh citrus scent. This granite cleaner should be used regularly instead of typical, everyday household cleaning products, which can damage natural stone and lead to expensive repair or replacement.

GRANITE GOLD GG0033 Granite Polish, 24 oz

Before we created GRANITE GOLD, we were often asked for advice on how to polish marble, granite and other natural stone. Now you can quickly and easily enhance the shine and luster of your granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces. GRANITE GOLD Polish?? also works great on quartz surfaces as well as Corian. Regular use after cleaning with our granite cleaner, GRANITE GOLD Daily Cleaner??, will bring out stone's natural beauty and provide ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints. Polishing shower walls and tub surrounds will help prevent soap scum build-up. Do not use on floors, which can become slippery.

HOWARD GM5012 Biodegradable Granite and Marble Cleaner, 12 oz Bottle

HOWARD granite and marble cleaner is a non-acidic, non-abrasive formula that is safer than chemical-based products for cleaning sealed granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces. Safe to use on granite, marble, quartz, porcelain, engineered stone, ceramic and limestone. Lime contains essential oil and fragrance blend. Our cosmetic grade essential oil and fragrance blend contains a natural essential oil complex and is custom designed for our products. Our essential oil fragrance is made from materials approved by RIFM (The Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) and follow the guidelines issued by IFRA.

Magic 3051 Granite and Marble Cleaner, 17 oz Can

Magic granite and stone cleaner and polish cleans away dirt, dust and grease while leaving a subtle polish on your stone countertops. It's formulated with stay clean technology to provide a longer lasting sheen.

Magic 3071 Granite and Marble Cleaner, 14 oz Can

Magic granite and stone cleaner and polish is a pH neutral formula designed to clean granite and stone without harming the surface. Plus, the stay clean technology means your counters will stay clean longer.

method 00065 Granite Cleaner, Liquid, Translucent, 28 oz Bottle

method Granite Cleaner, Package Size: 28 oz, Package Type: Bottle, Liquid, Odor/Scent: Apple Orchard, Translucent, Composition: Water (Aqua), Octanol Ethoxylate, Ethanol, Fragrance, Benzisothiazolinone, Specific Gravity: 1, Boiling Point: >100 deg C, Vapor Pressure: 2.27 kPa, VOC Content: 91.2 %, pH Range: 7 to 8, Density: 0.62, Application Method: Spray, Applicable Materials: Granite, Marble, Stone

Parker & Bailey 144001 Streak-Free Granite and Stone Cleaner, 24 oz

Common household cleaners can damage natural stone surfaces. This specially formulated granite and stone cleaner is safe for use on all stone, marble, granite and tile surfaces. When used according to directions, it will gently clean and shine the surface without streaking or scratching.

Weiman 5184 Granite and Stone Polish, 8 oz Bottle

Protect, shine and enhance the brilliant colors of sealed stone surfaces with Stone Care International granite and stone polish. The water-based formula won't scratch or etch surfaces and it helps prevent staining, dulling and glass rings. Use regularly after cleaning to polish stone surfaces, keeping them looking bright and clean.

Weiman 78 Granite Cleaner, 12 oz

Enhance the natural beauty of stone surfaces in your home with Weiman granite and stone daily cleaner and polish spray. This pH-neutral formula safely cleans and polishes, revealing a truly brilliant, streak-free shine.

Weiman 82 Granite and Stone Cleaner, 12 oz

Provides an invisible, protective barrier that prevents soils from penetrating and staining stone surfaces. Professional-strength, water-based formula. Helps prevent stains from food, water and oil. Protective seal resists stains/makes cleaning easier. Recommended for all solid stone surfaces including granite, marble, quartz, onyx, travertine, limestone, sandstone, soapstone, slate and tile (including grouted tile). Also safe for use on concrete, Saltillo tile, clay tile/stucco. Use on countertops, floors, shower stalls, tiles, fireplaces, entryways and vanities.

Zep ZUMARB32 Granite and Marble Cleaner, 32 oz Can

The marble, granite and quartz cleaner is a pH-neutral cleaner that cleans and polishes in one step while enhancing the natural color of stones like granite and marble.