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LubriMatic 05-031 Coupler, 1/8 in, 4500 psi

For hand-operated lube equipment only. 4500 psi recommended working pressure. Features spring-loaded ball check valve. Fits all 1/8 in NPT threads.

LubriMatic 05-037 Grease Injector Needle, Stainless Steel

Lubricates in very tight places like universal joints and sealed bearings. Stainless steel 18 ga x 1-1/2 in long needle. Equipped with standard grease fitting and protective plastic holder. For hand-operated grease guns only.

LubriMatic 10-200 Grease Gun Hose, 4000 psi NPT Male, 12 in L, Rubber/Steel

For use on hand operated grease guns only. Steel 1/8 in NPT male fittings on each end. Economy hoses has a 3000 psi working pressure and standard-duty hoses has a 5000 psi working pressure.

LubriMatic 30-132 Grease Gun Kit, 3 oz Capacity, 3600 psi, Zinc

A compact, tool box size grease gun ideal for hard-to-reach jobs. Ideal for do-it-yourself automotive, industrial, farm, RV and marine applications. Includes zinc die-cast head cap and pistol grip for easy one hand operation and 3 oz cartridge of LubriMatic grease. Develops up to 3600 psi with 3-1/2 in pipe and coupler and LubriMatic multi-purpose Grease.

LubriMatic 30-200 Grease Gun, 14 oz Capacity, 6000 psi

For household and do-it-yourself automotive use. Uses standard 14 oz. cartridge. Develops up to 6,000 psi. Delivers 1 oz. of grease/40 strokes. 5-3/8 in pipe and coupler. Boxed.

LubriMatic 30-300 Grease Gun, 14 oz Capacity, 5000 psi

Develops up to 5000 psi with 1-hand operation. 2-way loading, 14-oz. cartridge or suction load. Head cap port for adding air bleeder or bulk loader fitting. Delivers up to 5000 psi, 1 oz/40 strokes. 3-1/2 in pipe and coupler. Boxed.

LubriMatic 30-475 Grease Gun, 14 oz Capacity, 1000 psi

Develops up to 10,000 psi, for the day-in/day-out service required by industrial users. Variable/short stroke for easy use in confined areas. Rugged, fully zinc-plated finish. Dual port head cap with bulk loader fitting for 3-way loading (14 oz. cartridge, bulk or suction) and air bleeder valve. Plated lever with comfortable, oversized grip. Delivers 1.8 oz/40 strokes. 5-3/8 in pipe and coupler. Boxed.

Milwaukee M18 2646-21CT Grease Gun Kit, 10000 psi

The M18??? cordless 2-speed grease gun delivers maximum pressure and unmatched versatility, offering an industry leading 10000 psi max operating pressure and a patent pending pre-set grease counter that allows service and maintenance professionals to dispense precise amounts of grease. The tool's 2-speed design offers users the ability to select between max pressure and max flow rate. Other unique features include an on-board LED light, a lock-on/lock-off trigger and a plunger rod with markings to gauge how much grease is left in the barrel. The tool's stand up design and shoulder strap capability offer user convenience, while limiting fatigue and the 48 in flexible hose offers greater accessibility when greasing hard-to-reach fittings. The new tool is also compatible with a clear barrel accessory (49-16-2646). Powered by an M18??? REDLITHIUM??? Battery pack, this is the industry's only 18 V grease gun that's battery is compatible with a system of tools. The kit includes the new multi-voltage charger, so you can charge all M12 and M18 Lithium-Ion batteries with one charger.