Grill Igniters & Ignition Parts

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GrillPro 20610 Pushbutton, Universal Fit Ignitor Kit, Plastic, Black/Red

Universal fit pushbutton ignitor. Includes electrodes for main and side burner.

GrillPro 20620 Pushbutton, Universal Fit Electronic Ignitor Kit, Plastic, Black

Universal fit electronic ignition system. Connects to up to 3 ignition points.

Weber 7509 Replacement Ignitor Kit, Plastic, Black

Fits the following gas grills - Spirit, Genesis (prior to 2002 model year) and Platinum I/II.

Weber 7510 Replacement Ignitor Kit, Plastic

Fits the following gas grills: Genesis Silver/Gold/Platinum gas (2002 and newer). Does not fit Genesis Silver/Gold C (models after 2003).