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WORLD DRYER NOVA 1 083000000 Hand Dryer, 110/240 V, 1000 to 1700 W, 88 cfm Air, Aluminum, White

Nova® 1 series are economical automatic hand dryers. The Nova® 1 hand dryers are universal voltage units that fit most electric supplies. Nova® 1 plug-in is equipped with external three-prong conductor plug cord offers hassle-free quick installation. These hand dryers are economical washroom solutions for light traffic facilities.

WORLD DRYER SMARTdri K-974A Hand Dryer, 110/120 V, 400 to 1200 W, 78 to 100 cfm Air, Aluminum, White

SMARTdri™ Series high-speed hand dryers are the most energy efficient, durable, hygienic hand dryers on the market today. SMARTdri's proprietary motor technology offers the longest service life of any high-speed hand dryer. The intelligent, flexible controls allow customizing of air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application.