Hand Weeders

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AMES 2445300 Hand Weeder, Soft-Grip Polypropylene Handle

The ergo gel-grip hand weeder is used for weeding and small root removal. The tool is ideally sized for flower beds and small vegetable gardens. The weeder features an ergonomic handle design with a soft gel-grip insert that cushions the hand and provides maximum comfort. The head is made of strong stainless steel for the most durability. Great for gardening in tight spaces, as well as open gardens.

AMES 2917300 Stand-Up Weeder, Steel Handle

Tired of spending hours in the yard pulling dandelions, you can rest a little easier thanks to this innovative weeding tool. A stand-up weeder that removes weeds by their roots quickly and easily. No bending, chemicals or divots of damage to your turf when you use this weeder. It does double-duty by also aerating the soil for a healthy lawn.

CORONA CLIPPER CT 3254 Root Weeder, 6 in L Blade, Non-Slip Handle

Easier weeding with 6 in serrated blade and forked tip. Durable, stainless steel alloy head will not rust. Ergonomic poly grip minimizes hand stress. Anti-slip thumb rise and finger guard for greater stability and control.

FISKARS 200S Series 373600-1001 Weeder, Ergonomic Handle

Keep unwanted plants out of your lawn, season after season, with a sturdy weeder featuring a steel head that won't snap off or loosen when digging in tough soil. A sharpened forked tip makes it easy to get under the root of the weed for permanent removal and a rust-resistant coating provides lasting strength. In addition, a lightweight, teardrop-shaped handle helps reduce fatigue and includes a hang hole for convenient storage.

FISKARS 78806935C Triple-Claw Weeder, Aluminum Handle

Our triple-claw Weeder makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over or using harsh, costly herbicide. It features three serrated, stainless-steel claws that grab weeds by the root for clean removal, plus an easy-eject mechanism on the handle that clears the head between uses. The durable steel handle is extra-long to help you reach every weed without kneeling or straining your back by bending.

Landscapers Select GT930IS Weeding Hoe, Cushion-Grip Handle

Stainless steel with mirror polished blade. Soft cushioned grip handle. Convenient ring on end for hanging.