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FIRST ALERT HD6135FB Heat Alarm with Battery Backup, 120 V, Thermistor Sensor, 50 ft Detection, Alarm: Audible

The FIRST ALERT™ BRK® Brands hardwired heat alarm with battery backup is a performance rich solution that includes numerous safety enhancers to ensure the maximum in overall protection. First alert BRK® brands hardwired heat alarms feature a near effortless installation process and are easily maintained. The utilization of rate-of-rising temperature sensing and a microprocessor that drastically reduces the number of nuisance alarms make this an ideal addition for any number of settings. A test/silence button and low battery warning have also been included to ensure the maximum in peace of mind. This alarm can also be interconnected with up to 12 other compatible smoke alarms and six compatible devices that include bells, horns, repeaters and door closers. Should one unit trigger an alarm, all of the smoke alarms in the Series will alert your surroundings. A power indicator will reveal which alarm in the Series initiated the disturbance.