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DeWALT 9780840021939 Reference Guide, English, 42-Page, 55/64 in L, 4-1/8 in W

DeWALT?? "CONSTRUCTION MATH QUICK CHECK: EXTREME DUTY EDITION" has identified the mathematical formulas that are most commonly used in the construction industry and simplified them using a clear, step-by-step approach. Topics include basic conversions, percentages, volume calculations, framing calculations and more.

GB ERB-WS Electrical Installation Guide, English

The Gardner Bender wiring simplified 44th edition is a comprehensive book that translates the National Electric Code rules into easy-to-understand explanations that help the both the pro and novice safely install wiring in homes. Organized into 4 parts: Getting started, The Basics, Wires, circuits and grounding, Installing service equipment and wiring, Special wiring situations and projects with clear explanations on how to complete any task. This updated book provides excellent guidance and won't leave you stranded in the dark.

GB GMT-BK How-To Book, 160-Page

Title is "How to use your multitester for electrical testing and troubleshooting." 160 page guide to Gardner Bender analog and digital multitesters with glossary of electrical terms. Fully illustrated, easy to understand instructions on basic household, automotive electrical testing.

Kreg MD-CAB01 Cabinetmaking Booklet, 40-Page

This 40-page booklet covers the basics of building professional face-frame cabinets with Kreg Joinery. The information in this booklet comes from a cabinetmaking book by Mark Duginske that centers on building a 15 in wide base cabinet to help develop skills that will later allow a customer to produce an entire kitchen.

Mrs. Wages O103-J4255 Home Canning Guide, English

Mrs. Wages home canning guide, from America's premier supplier of pickling, freezing and canning products, brings step-by-step instructions for preserving your favorite garden produce. This guide will walk you through more than 120 tested recipes for old-time favorites like crunchy pickles and strawberry jam, not to mention updated versions of these classics with recipes for low-sugar and sugar-free preserves.

PRO-FLEX PFIM-0001 Installation/Training Guide, For Use With Pro-Flex CSST Flexible Gas Piping System

Pro-Flex Installation/Training Guide, Suitable For Use With: Pro-Flex CSST Flexible Gas Piping System, Standards: CSA Certified

SBD 149308 How-To Book, 272-Page, 0.8 in L, 7 in W

For both novice and experienced gardeners. Needs just 20% of the space of a traditional garden. Uses bottomless boxes placed above ground. No pH soil tests, double-digging or soil improvements. Recipe provided for the soil growing mix, added to the box to a depth of just 6 in. Does not need any fertilizer. With step-by-step color photos. New method of planting uses a pinch, literally two or three seeds, per planting hole. Smaller and lighter boxes. Add a plywood bottom to make them portable. Prominent and permanent grids help visualize the planting squares and know how to space for maximum harvest. Mel Bartholomew author, Cool Springs Press publisher. Published in February 14th 2006. Paperback, 272 pages. Dimension of 7 in x 10 in x 0.8 in, weight of 1.625 lb.