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Kwikset 83260-001 Reset Cradle, Plastic, Black, Painted

A tool for resetting the SmartKey cylinder if it has been improperly programmed.

Kwikset 92720-001 Keying Kit

#272 kit for rekeying Kwikset locks. Kit includes master pins, plug clip, knob set, springs, deadbolt locking bar, pin cover, PK balls, key step gauge, depth key, top pin, cylinder removing tool, plug following tool, rekeying tool, bottom pins, anti-pick pins for 980 deadbolts. Packed in a heavy-duty metal case.

Master Lock 376 Pin Tool, Black

For universal pin Series uncoded padlocks. For use on# 1UP (673.6896), 1UPLJ (673.6888), 3UP (673.6904), 3UPLF (673.6870), 5UP (673.6920) and 5UPLF (673.6912).

Schlage 40-132 Keying Kit

Includes bottom pins, top pins, pin springs, cylinder caps, cap springs and pins, B Series cylinder bars, key gauge, follower bar, cap removal tool and retaining rings. Packed in a seal-tight metal box.

Schlage 40-134 Re-Keying Kit, Blue/Gold

Keying kit snap-tight plastic box. Bottom pins, top pins, pin springs, cylinder caps, cap, pins, key gauge and follower bar.