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Coast C7050CP Area Lantern, LED Lamp

On the worksite, campsite or the side of the road, the EAL15 Lantern is a great stainless steel designed lantern that can either illuminate your space or alert people in times of need. Cycle between high, medium, low, solid red and flashing red modes to suit your situation. With Coast's commitment to quality, the EAL15 lantern is impact-resistant, weather-resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable.

Coast CE7124HGB Area Lantern, LED Lamp

Easily our most advanced lantern, the EAL20 lantern comes with a battery life indicator, dimming white light control dial, as well as solid red and flashing red modes. A favorite lantern for all types of activities, it gets the job done, whether for work or play. With Coast's commitment to quality, the EAL20 Lantern is impact-resistant, weather-resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable.

Dorcy 41-1010 Mini Accent Lantern, LED Lamp, Dark Blue/Green/Light Blue/Pink/Teal/Yellow

The Dorcy Luminaura 4 AA LED mini lantern features a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to take anywhere. Providing over 70 hrs of runtime and 360 deg of light output, this light is ideal for travel, camping, emergencies, power outages or any time a long lasting light is needed. Comes in yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, teal and pink. Other features include a side mounted dial switch for ease of use and a built-in hang hook within the handle. Requires 4 AA cell batteries.

Dorcy 41-1081 Rechargeable USB Lantern, LED Lamp, Lithium-Ion Battery, Green

The Green Lantern Rechargeable Power Bank is loaded with options. It features an ultra bright 700 Lumens spotlight with an impressive runtime of 3 hrs on high and a beam distance of 575 m. On low, the light provides 270 Lumens and an unbelievable 8 hrs runtime. In addition, it can recharge USB devices such as cell phones and tablets so you're never out of touch, even in an outage. Additional light sources on each side of the lantern bring safety and versatility to a whole new level. One side is a bright area lantern with over 100 Lumens of light, while the other side has a 20 LED emergency flasher that will run for 48 hrs. The back/tail of the light provides two push-button switches to operate the side lights independently. The light also contains a power display that gives you accurate readings of how much power you have left. The Green Lantern is ultra-lightweight at only 1.11 lb.

Dorcy 41-3103 Camping Lantern, LED Lamp, D Battery, Green

The Dorcy 200 Lumens 3D LED Lantern features a sleek design with a super bright LED bulb, providing 200 Lumens of light and 39 hrs of runtime. A durable side mounted push-button switch allows for ease of use and a built-in hang hook within the handle allows for hands-free use. This light is also waterproof and rugged.

Dorcy 41-3108 Globe Lantern, LED Lamp, D Battery, Green

The Dorcy 400 Lumens 4D twin globe LED Lantern is the first battery operated lantern to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas/mantel lanterns. Its design allows it to radiate 360 deg of light with 400 Lumens of output. The durable body construction allows the lantern to float and makes it completely waterproof, with an IPX7 rating. The Twin Globe Lantern features two brightness settings, high and low, as well as an amber night light. The highest LED setting allows for 100 hrs of continuous use, with the lowest giving 200 hrs. The amber LED setting allows for 1000 hrs of continuous use. The lantern is topped off with a sturdy handle featuring a pop-out hanger hook for hands-free use.

Dorcy 414268 Rechargeable Lantern with USB Charging, LED Lamp, Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery, Green

Let's face it, life is busy and we don't always remember to recharge our lights. And sometimes we forget to keep extra batteries handy. Unfortunately, a powerful emergency lantern doesn't do much good without a charge and batteries. But that's where the Dynamo Lantern comes in. A full charge allows the lantern to run 6 LEDs for up to 3.5 hrs and 3 LEDs for 7 hrs. But if there is no charge or a low charge, simply rotate the handle clockwise for 2 mins at 160 rpm and 6 LEDs will operate for up to 50 mins. On the lower brightness level, 3 LEDs will operate for almost two hours. This is ideal for power outages, emergencies or any time charging is not available. The lantern can also be charged via USB (Cord Included).

Dorcy 41-4291 LED Lantern, LED Lamp, D Battery, Black

The Dorcy 500 Lumens 4D/6 V LED Lantern features a super bright 500 Lumens LED, a 230 m beam distance and a 6 hrs runtime. A versatile battery design allows the light to run on 4 D cell batteries via the cartridge adapter or on a single 6 V battery. Durably constructed of ABS plastic material, this light is rugged and dependable. An attached ratcheting stand with pivot allows for hands-free use and easy positioning. The 500 Lumens, 4D/6 V LED Lantern comes complete with 4D Alkaline batteries.

Texsport 14202 Lantern, 600 Lumens, Black

Adjusts to 600 candlepower illumination. Heat-resistant globe. Baked enamel hood. Metal socket injector. Pressure regulator brass valve. Plastic base holds 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz disposable propane fuel cylinder (not included). Burns 6 hrs at maximum setting.

Texsport 15998 Lantern, Red

Metal construction. Wire guarded glass globe. Adjustable wick.