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Ronson 41805 Disposable Lighter, Refillable: No, Child Safe: Yes, Assorted

Ronson Disposable Lighter, Refillable: No, Child Safe: Yes, Assorted

Ronson 43511 Torch Lighter, Butane, Refillable: Yes, Child Safe: Yes

Refillable. Adjustable flame. Windproof. Child-resistant. Comes in assorted designs.

Scripto BGM7R-1/12CD Folding Utility Lighter, Butane, Neon Green

The Scripto® refillable folding utility lighter folds into a compact 5-1/2 in lighter allowing for easy storage in small compartments, kitchen drawers, garages and backpacks. The bright and easily distinguishable neon colors make it easy to spot and the folding nozzle conveniently lights in multiple positions. The new Scripto® folding utility lighter is ideal for indoor lighting, hiking, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities.

Scripto BWM13L-1/CS-MM Pocket Lighter, Blue/Gold/Green/Red/Silver

Attractive, holographic designs. Adjustable flame.

Scripto DW13L-50/USA Pocket Lighter, Child Safe: Yes

Demonstrate your patriotism with a lighter displaying one of the most universal symbols of freedom, the Statute of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the majestic American Bald Eagle, the Capitol Dome and the American Heroes. Patriotic themed lighter wraps with child-resistant mechanism. Adjustable flame. Spark wheel ignition.

Scripto EZ-SQUEEZE BGM27-1/12CD Multi-Purpose Lighter, Refillable: Yes

Scripto® introduces its revolutionary NEW EZ-Squeeze™ multi-purpose lighter. The Scripto® EZ-Squeeze™ multi-purpose lighter has an adult-friendly squeeze grip ignition for ease-of-use. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor lighting activities.

Scripto HC12CR Utility Lighter, Butane, Assorted

Aim 'N Flame® II, one of the top-selling multi-purpose lighters in the US has been renovated with a new look. Modernized with vibrant new packaging and fresh new handle colors red, blue, purple and neon green, the new Aim 'N Flame® II brings style to everyday lighting activities. Look for your Aim 'N Flame® II multi-purpose lighter at your favorite retailer.

Scripto HW12 Utility Lighter, Butane, Black/Yellow

Designed to tackle challenging outdoor lighting situations, Scripto's® patented jet flame allows this wind-resistant outdoor utility lighter to light and stay lit in windy conditions.

Zippo 207BG-PPK Pocket Lighter

Fill with premium Zippo or Ronsonol lighter fluid. Made in the USA.