Magnetic Hooks

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Magnet Source 07254 Magnetic Hook, 35 lb Weight Capacity, 2-Hook, Chrome

They hold through glass! simply place a magnet on each side of the glass, then hang the sign or decoration. Can be used with single pane windows or as single hooks on metal doors. If used on a metal surface, each hook will hold up to 35 lb protective coating helps prevent scratching. Recommended use for single-pane windows only.

Magnet Source 07287 Magnetic Hook, Neodymium

Each of these metal hooks offers users unique holding functions and non-scratch liners. Neodymium magnets provide industrial-strength holding power. Ideal for holding and storing tools, cables, signs and other heavy items.

National Hardware V7531 Series N302-216 Magnetic Hook, 20 lb Weight Capacity, Steel, Nickel

National Hardware V7531 Magnetic Hook, 20 lb Weight, Steel, Nickel, Package Quantity: 1, Package Type: Pack

The Magnet Source 07218 Magnetic Hook, 20 lb Weight Capacity, Ceramic, Chrome

Unlimited use in shop, store and home, use to hang small spotlight, signs, keys, utensils, draperies and more from any ferrous metal surface. Includes a special liner to prevent surface scratches.