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GENERAL 360 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, 1-3/4 in L, 1 in W, 1 in H

Used to magnetize and demagnetize screwdrivers, nut drivers, wrenches, taps and small tools. Converts any tool blade into a magnetic retriever for screws, nuts and metallic particles.

GENERAL 370-1 Horseshoe Magnet, 1-1/8 in W, 1 in H, Alnico

Made primarily from aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron. Powerful and sturdy and includes a keeper to help retain magnetic power. Used by crafters, teachers and do-it-yourselfers for retrieving small steel parts and screws from hard-to-get-at places. Carded packing.

GENERAL 395 Magnetic Pick-Up, 20 in L, Aluminum/Neodymium

Aluminum shaft that can be bent, twisted and contorted to navigate the most complex work areas. Equipped with a high-powered neodymium magnet that is capable of lifting up to 2 lb. Used in the automotive, HVAC, machinist and GENERAL maintenance professions.

GENERAL 759582 Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up, 7-3/4 to 28-3/4 in L, Neodymium

Mini light with neodymium magnetic pick up are both fastened to a stainless steel telescoping wand molded into a rugged high-impact ABS plastic handle. Telescopes from 7-3/4 in to 28-3/4 in. Uses (4) Alkaline, LR41, batteries with a battery life of 48 continuous hrs. LED bulb has a life of 100,000 hrs of continuous use.

GENERAL D397 Metal Detector Style Magnetic Pick-Up

The #D397 metal detector-style magnetic pickup, countertop display can retrieve iron, steel and all-ferrous materials in machine shops and at construction sites.

Magnet Source 07201 Welded Latch Magnet, Steel

These magnets lift, hold and retrieve metal objects up to 100X their own weight! Use as small tool holders, door stops, magnetic clamps and fixture holders or separate magnetic from non-magnetic materials. Latch magnets feature welded solid steel construction and can be used to secure gates or doors.

Magnet Source 07212 Standard Handle Magnet, Steel

Handle magnets clean-up scattered ferrous metal objects, including screws, nuts and bolts. Lift or position medium weight objects including tools and lights. Each features solid steel construction with welded handles.

Magnet Source 07224 Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

Quickly magnetize small tools so they attract screws or nuts for easy starting and removing. Insert a screwdriver or nut driver into the hole, pull it out and it's magnetized. Ideal for DIY, carpenters and electricians. Leave the magnetizer on the tool for extra magnetic strength. To demagnetize, pass the tool through one of the exterior channels.

Magnet Source 07228 Telescoping Pick-Up Tool, 25 in L, Neodymium

Each has a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers, key rings and more. Doubles as a presentation pointer with a handy pocket clip attached.

Magnet Source 07229 Bend-It Magnet, Neodymium

Can be bent to reach almost any location. Use to retrieve lost items from engines, dashboards, drains and vents.

Magnet Source 07256 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Neodymium

Extend to 25 in and 14 in respectively. Each contains a magnetic tip made from neodymium, the strongest magnetic material available, plus a sturdy body with grip handle. Adjustable locking hinge allows access around corners or in areas where an unusual angle is necessary for object retrieval.

Magnet Source 07263 Magnetic Mini Sweeper, 17 in W

Pick up nails, screws, paper clips and any other ferrous metal items. Clear collected debris with work gloves or a heavy shop towel. Light aluminum housing. Excellent for home, shop or office.

Magnet Source 07505 Holding Magnet, 2-5/8 in Dia, 1-1/4 in L

Hold blueprints, calendars, important memos, visual aides, work plans and more with these convenient, heavy-duty magnetic bases. Ideal for offices and in the classroom. Each magnet features easy-grip knob for positioning and non-scratch liner to prevent marring.

Magnet Source 07540/07252 Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter, 3-1/2 in Dia, 6-3/4 in L, 3.2 in H

A low-cost time saver, transfer and pick up nails, screws, nuts or any small metal objects, then pull the handle to release the objects in the desired location. Smooth, uninterrupted sides allow for fast burrowing. Prevents injuries from sharp metal objects. Its heavy-duty canister is lightweight and features an easy-to-grip handle. Lifts up to 1 lb of 2-1/2 in nails.

Magnet Source 07542/07208 Holding and Retrieving Magnet, 5 in L, 2 in W, 1-1/16 in H, Steel

Use to hold and position spray nozzles, hoses, temporary wiring and more. Great for retrieving hand tools and other metal items from waterways. Attach a rope or rod to magnet's eyebolt for retrieving. Hundreds of sporting, household, industrial and commercial uses. Eyebolt and nuts included.

Magnet Source 07569 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, 20-1/4 to 36 in L, Neodymium

Each features a vinyl handle grip, durable aluminum tubing and a powerful neodymium magnet that can retrieve screws, wrenches, screwdrivers and other items that are out of reach. Loosen knurled collar and pull to required length. Tighten collar to keep length.

Magnet Source 07661/07561 Magnetic Tool Holder, 24 in L, 3/4 in W, 1-1/8 in H, Steel

Heavy-duty, permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts securely in place. Ideal for workshops, garages, manufacturing facilities and even inside trucks and vans. When mounted, these tool holders are held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4 in holes for screws. 20 lb pull per inch. Mounting screws included.

Magnet Source 07662 Magnetic Tool Holder, 24 in L, 3/4 in W, 1-1/8 in H, Steel

Heavy-duty, permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts securely in place. Available in nickel-plated or powder-coated black. Ideal for workshops, garages and even inside RVs. When mounted, these tool holders are held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4 in holes for screws. 20 lb pull per in mounting screws included.

Magnet Source MFSM24RX Magnetic Sweeper with Release, 30-14 in W, 48 in H

These push-type sweepers feature 24 in and 14 in sweeping widths, 48 in sturdy handle and 6 in Dia rubber wheels. Quickly drop collected scrap metal by pulling back on the release handle. These sweepers are incredibly strong and well built, yet very affordable.

Magnet Source Pick-Up Pal 07247 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, 36 in L, Neodymium

65 lb of pull strength picks up hardware, tools, scrap metal and more. 36 in long handle allows users to reach under vehicles, workbenches and more. Remove collected debris with shop towel or work gloves.

Vulcan FT32 Pick-Up Tool Claw, 24 in L, Steel

Vulcan Pick-Up Tool Claw, Steel, 24 in L