Metal Halide Bulbs

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Feit Electric LU70/MED Metal Halide Lamp, 70 W, Medium E26 Lamp Base, 6000 Lumens, 2000 K Color Temp

Provides a soft yellow light. Use only in fixtures designed for this type and wattage bulb. 24,000 hrs average life. 5-7/16 in overall length. Boxed.

Feit Electric MH100/U/MED Metal Halide Lamp, 100 W, ED17 Lamp, Medium E26 Lamp Base, 4000 K Color Temp

Feit Electric Metal Halide Lamp, 100 W, Pulse Start, Medium E26, ED17 Lamp, Color Temperature: 4000 K, Average Life: 10,000 hr, 5.43 in H Dimensions

Feit Electric MH175/U Metal Halide Lamp, 175 W, ED28 Lamp, Mogul E39 Lamp Base, 4000 K Color Temp

Clear metal halide lamp, 175 W, ED28, with mogul (E39) base. 10,000 hrs average life, 4000K, 9-1/4 in H.

Sylvania 64547 Metal Halide Lamp, 70 W, E17 Ellipsoidal Lamp, Medium E26 Lamp Base, 3400 Lumens, 3000 K Color Temp

The METALARC PRO-TECH metal halide lamps were created to fill the need for a safe light source for applications where a protective lens on the metal halide fixture was either impractical or detrimental to fixture design. The METALARC PRO-TECH lamp design enhances safety in open or enclosed fixtures and includes a shroud around the arc tube and, in some cases, a thicker walled outer jacket. In addition, METALARC PRO-TECH lamps have a reduction in UV output compared to standard metal halide lamps.

Sylvania 64819 Metal Halide Lamp, 400 W, BT37 Lamp, Mogul E39 Lamp Base, 4200 K Color Temp

Metal halide general lighting clear lamp, universal operating position. 4000K color temperature, 65 CRI. 15,000 hrs horizontal and 20,000 hrs vertical operation average life.