Moisture Meters

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GENERAL MMD4E Pin Moisture Meter, 5 to 50% Wood, 1.5 to 33% Building Materials, 0.1 % Accuracy

Finding moisture is the first step in early mold prevention. High levels of moisture that go untreated are the main cause for harmful mold growth in the home. With the MMD4E moisture meter, use the pin sensors to find the moisture content in your wood or drywall. This will help you know if you need to dry the existing materials or replace with brand new ones. Quickly determine what level of remediation is needed to keep your family safe with the MMD4E moisture meter by GENERAL Tools.

General Tools MM1E Pin Moisture Meter, 9 V Battery, 7 to 15% WME Low, 16 to 35% WME High, 0.1 % Accuracy

The #MM1E is ideal for measuring the moisture content of wood and construction materials. It can be used to locate water leaks in roofs, floors and walls, to check for moisture in carpets and sub-flooring and to make sure that wood and drywall is dry enough to be painted, wallpapered, sealed or treated.

GENERAL ToolSmart TS06 Bluetooth Moisture Meter, 5 to 50% Wood, 1.5 to 33% Building Materials, 2 % Accuracy

The ToolSmart??? digital moisture meter is your first step in mold prevention. Water and moisture build up in a home can lead to hazardous and unsafe living conditions. By checking suspicious water stains around the house, you can determine whether the area is wet (a perfect breeding ground for mold) or has long since dried. With the free ToolSmart??? app, readings can be tracked over time and placed onto pictures for quick and easy reference points.

luster leaf Rapitest 1810 Mini Moisture Meter

Measures moisture. Prevents over-watering. For indoor or outdoor use.