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Bona WM710013432 Floor Mop, Telescopic Handle

For hardwood and hard surface floor. Comes with a one piece 60 in telescoping handle and full 360 deg swivel head base. 4 in x 15 in cleaning pad attaches to base with Velcro backing. Electrostatic action attracts and traps dirt and allergens when used dry or wet. Machine washable mop pad.

Bona WM710013496 Floor Spray Mop, Ergonomic Handle, Microfiber Mop Head

Combines a high quality cleaner with a durable, premium spray mop and washable microfiber pad. It is quick and easy to use, safe for wood and leaves no dulling residue. Includes mop, one 33 oz cartridge of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a 4 oz cleaner concentrate and a microfiber cleaning pad.

Quickie 027-4 Sponge Mop, Cellulose Sponge Mop Head

Clean more floor, more quickly, with this 11 in wide sponge made especially for the professional cleaner. Featuring Super Cell Sponge™ technology - a dual layered cellulose sponge for maximum absorbency. The durability of cellulose provides deeper cleaning on hard flooring surfaces. Cellulose absorbs more water off the floor with less mop passes so floors dry faster! The patented built-in front scrubber helps remove scuff marks and stubborn stains. Once you are done, you'll love our patented butterfly squeezing action designed with oversized nylon rollers which reduce hand fatigue during wringing.

Quickie 030 Deck Mop, 16 oz Headband, Cotton Mop Head

4-ply cotton yarn wound with galvanized wire for strength. 48 in steel handle with swivel hang-up for easy storage use.

Quickie 035-4 Wet Mop, Ergonomic Handle, Cotton Mop Head

Quick change head makes removal and installation a snap. Ergonomic handle design is easy on the hands. Large, cotton head with 3 bands to eliminate tangles. Powder-coated steel handle with hang-up feature.

Quickie 036M-4 Wet Mop, Ratchet Handle, Microfiber Green/White Mop Head

Ideal for cleaning behind pedestal sinks, toilets and other hard-to-reach places. Ultra-soft, ultra-absorbent 100% microfiber mop head. Absorbs more than twice as much water as equivalent cotton. Microfiber's unique properties allow it to clean effectively even without chemicals. Mop head is easily removed and is machine washable, re-use again and again. Low-effort wringing with ratcheting handle.

Quickie 045TRI Sponge Mop, Cellulose Sponge Mop Head

Super Cell Sponge™ technology - a dual layered cellulose sponge for maximum absorbency. The durability of cellulose provides deeper cleaning on hard flooring surfaces. Cellulose absorbs more water off the floor with less mop passes so floors dry faster! The patented built-in front scrubber helps remove scuff marks and stubborn stains. The automatic squeezing action makes wringing a breeze.

Quickie 047MB-4 Sponge Mop, Cellulose Sponge Mop Head

Treated with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built into the sponge. Fights odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Front scrubber removes scuff marks & stubborn stains. Hydrophilic sponge. Automatic squeezing action makes wringing a breeze. 48 in powder-coated steel handle with hang-up feature. Uses Type H No.0472 (SKU 915.4105) and 0473 refill. Fully threaded posts ensure maximum security of mop refills to mop head assembly. No loosening of thumb screws - prevents sponge refills from falling off.

Quickie 055-4 Sponge Mop, Cellulene Sponge Mop Head

Quickie's Automatic roller mop is the poly sponge mop you need for your heavy-duty cleanup jobs. This professional quality mop comes with an extra-wide, extra-absorbent sponge for cleaning large rooms. A patented built-in scrubber removes caked-on dirt and scuffmarks. And when you're done, you'll love how this sponge rinses clean and wrings dry with its patented, easy-to-use cam action wringer.

Quickie 057-4 Roller Mop, Cellulene Sponge Mop Head

One of our most popular mops the Original® Automatic® roller mop features an absorbent Cellulene sponge with a patented scrubbing pad feature and now comes in an updated, modern look for the modern kitchen. Remove caked on dirt with the replaceable scrubbing pad. When you're done mopping, rinse clean and wring dry with this mop's easy-to-use cam shaft wringer. Simply push down on the ergonomic grip, wring dry and store for your next use.

Quickie 058MB-4 Roller Mop, Cellulose Sponge Mop Head

Clean your home and fight odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew with the automatic mop and scrub with microban. The super-absorbent sponge is equipped with a patented built-in scrubber to help you remove those stubborn stains. When you're done cleaning, enjoy this mop's patented cam action squeezer for a quick dry and easy storage.

Quickie 060TRIRM-18 Dust Mop, Microfiber Head, Green

This microfiber/chenille dust mop attracts dirt and dust to make your job easier. Its flexible head design helps you reach into all corners and along baseboards. The dusting mitt is removable. Just throw in your laundry to wash and reuse. Mop handle can be used with dust mop or disposable dusting sheets.

Quickie 076TRI Mighty Mop, Swivel Handle

Made specifically for hardwood floors, this mop features a 48 in handle with a completely rotating swivel head for reaching into even the tightest spots. The mitt is made from absorbent terry cloth and won't scratch wood surfaces and is equally ideal for tile, vinyl, marble and laminate floors. Mitt can be used wet or dry and is machine washable for reuse. The mop head also fits disposable dust sheets.

Quickie 077 Mighty Mop

This professional-grade cleaning tool features a 48 in steel handle with a soft terry cloth mitt. The mitt won't scratch or damage floors and can be used on all hard floor surfaces. It can be used either wet or dry and is removable for machine washing.

Quickie 57067 Dust Mop, Non-Slip Grip Handle, Microfiber Head, Green

This microfiber dust mop attracts and traps dust on contact. Its swivel feature helps you reach into corners and under furniture. The dust mop has been treated with an antimicrobial agent that provides continuous product protection against the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Quickie 57091 Self-Wringing Mop, 11 in Headband, Fiber Mop Head, Green Mop Head

Self wringing mop, with non-slip handle. Deep cleaning sponge strips with scrubber dots. Hands stay dry during cleaning and wringing. Reduces odors between uses. Cleans behind vanities, toilet and other hard to reach places. This Lysol cleaning tool contains an antimicrobial agent that prohibits the growth of odor causing germs, bacteria, mold & mildew (on the mop fibers) for the life of the tool. Use No. 570911, (SKU 201.9388) for refill.

Quickie HomePro 094MCAN Cone Mop, Microfiber Cloth Mop Head

The Quickie?? Home Pro cone mop supreme has an advanced microfiber head design that features two different types of fiber. Its soft, tightly woven microfiber strings are spun from thousands of strands with millions of filaments, resulting in tremendous surface area and providing unsurpassed absorption performance. The wide, flat strands of microfiber and nylon scrubbies reach into tiny cracks and scrub deep down without scratching. It has a slender cone design that compresses and squeezes the microfiber, for unmatched wringing power with very little effort.

Swiffer 3700092927 Electrostatic, Reusable Duster Starter Kit

With dust lock adhesive and 50% more fibers than regular dusters, this amazing all-around design cleans deep into grooves to trap and lock up to 3 times more dust than a feather duster.

SWIFFER 92815 Lightweight Sweeper Starter Kit

Easy-to-use with flexible, swivel head for hard-to-reach areas. Disposable cloth folds over head and is pushed into grip pockets for quick and easy cleaning or can be used for hand dusting places the sweeper cannot go. Cloth fibers create an electrostatic charge when wiped across surfaces to attract dust, dirt, hair and other particles, while cloth lift & lock pockets trap and hold dirt in place. Cleans wood, ceramic tile, vinyl floors, walls, ceiling, electronics, car interiors and plants. Wet cloths are presoaked with an advanced cleaning solution that can be attached to dissolve stains. Includes 1 sweeper unit and 2 wet and 2 dry refill cloths.

SWIFFER WetJet 92811 Sweeper Starter Kit, Synthetic Mop Head

Ready-to-use system quickly and easily cleans even the dirtiest floors. Safe on all finished hard surfaces, replaces mop and bucket. Powered sprayer puts solution where you want to clean. Prediluted cleaning solution cleans through the toughest dirt and grime with easy-touch operation at hand grip, comes in 1L cartridge to clean at least 8 large rooms. Disposable, super-absorbent triple-layer pad absorbs and traps dirt and solution to leave floor clean and virtually dry. Angled handle reduces bending and low-profile swivel head cleans hard-to-reach places with ease. For tough spots flip mop head on its side and use scrubbing strip. Includes 1 sweeper, 3 disposable cleaning pads, 4 scrubbing strips and 1 bottle of multi-purpose cleaning solution 16 oz.