Mulch with Weed Preventer

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Easy Gardener 2508 Commercial Weed Barrier, Gray

Professional weed control. Commercial landscape fabric holds up to machinery and traffic. Spunbonded polyester fibers allows more air and water to penetrate.

Easy Gardener 2509 Commercial Weed Barrier, Gray

Professional weed control. Use around trees, shrubs and flower beds. Also for use under brick or stone surfaces.

Glamos Wire Products 83000 Square Landscape Staple

Glamos Wire Products Square Landscape Staple

Jonathan Green 10944 Seed Establishment Mulch, Granular, Green, 15 lb Package, Bag

Green-Mulch, with its 1-1-1 slow-release fertilizer, enhances seed germination. Green-Mulch is weed-free and controls erosion. It is aesthetically pleasing, safe and biodegradable. Green-Mulch has a uniform particle size for even distribution on the lawn and, unlike straw, does not need to be raked up. Contains cellulose, corn fiber and tackifier to control erosion. Green-Mulch can be applied with a rotary spreader.

Mid-America 99997 Nuggets Pine Bark Mulch, 2 cu-ft Package, Bag

Our pine bark products are 100% pine by-product and 100% natural. Pine bark is slow to decompose so lasts longer than most other mulches. Pine bark has a natural brownish red coloration that compliments most any landscaping project. Pine products act as a soil conditioner by adding acidity to the soil for a healthier garden.

Preen 52050661 Mulch Plus Weed Barrier, Granular, Chestnut Brown

Blocks weeds for 6 months. Mulch color lasts all year. Covers 2 cu-ft.