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Fits-All 61 Paint Can Spout, 1 gal Capacity, Threaded Handle, Plastic

One size fits pint, quart, gallon and 4 L paint cans, snaps onto inner rim of paint can to keep paint out of the gutter and ensure a good seal after use, also serves as a brush wiper and brush rest.

FoamPRO 120 Color Tester Sample Board

Economical roller kits and sample boards make testing paint colors at home fast and easy. Boards can be moved around the room to see the color effect in different lighting conditions. They are also easy to transport when matching Fabric, furniture, carpeting and wallpaper.

FoamPRO 41 Colormatch Applicator Brush

Applies a consistent, even coating thickness, eliminates expensive mistakes that occur when finger painting. Store personnel can do paint-outs faster.

FoamPRO 99 Paint Plow

Removes paint from paint can rim (gutter) and returns it back into the can.

HYDE 43460 Paint Mixer

For fast, thorough mixing in quart and gal cans. Lifts and mixes solids from the bottom of paint cans. Rugged polypropylene with 7 in hexagonal shaft for use with 3/8 in drill. Easy to clean.

HYDE 43510 Painters Pyramid, 200 lb Capacity, Plastic, Yellow

Pyramids hold the workpiece above your working surface for less mess and easier cleanup. Non-stick points have minimal contact, allowing you to paint one side, immediately flip the workpiece and complete the job without the drying time.

HYDE 45050 Paint Pail Hook, Steel, Zinc

Specially design hang pails to the outside of a ladder, one-piece plated steel construction, flat ends can be used to open paint cans, not recommended for 5 gal pails.

HYDE 45110 Swivel Pail Hook, Steel

Pointed steel hook with swivel hinge hangs paint pails from a ladder or windowsill, snap catch hold pails handle firmly, not recommended for 5 gal pails.

HYDE 47050 Paint Paddle, 14 in L, 1/16 in W

For stirring and mixing. Inexpensive and disposable.

Likwid Concepts PBC001 Rectangular Paint Brush Cover, Polypropylene

Designed to fit most everyday paint brushes from 3 in and below. Made from an airtight, durable plastic, which allows you to store paint covered brushes for hours, days, even weeks, without need for washup or for fear of your brush being ruined.

WOOSTER R087 Roller End Cap, Polypropylene, Ivory

For use with roller covers that don't include endcaps. Works with BR047 (Orgill Sku# 664.07374) wide boy and BR045 (Orgill Sku# 540.8307) big ben/little ben frames. Made of polypropylene.