pH Balance

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Clorox 10016CSP pH Protect, Granular, White, 16 oz Package

Helps maintain comfortable, stable pH level. Makes balancing the water simple. Easy one-step treatment. Softens spa water.

Clorox 10018CSP pH Up, Granular, White, 18 oz Package

Raises pH in spa water. Guards against skin and eye irritation. Protects against corrosion of equipment and metal accessories.

Clorox 10022CSP pH Down, Granular, Off-White, 22 oz Package

Lowers pH in spa water and helps prevent scaling and cloudy water.

Clorox 12005CLX pH Protect, Granular, White, 5 lb Package

Increases alkalinity. Reduces pH swings and maintenance. Protects equipment and improves swimmer comfort. Helps maintain ideal pH. Maintain 80 to 125 ppm for plaster surfaces and 125 to 150 ppm for other surfaces.

Clorox 12104CLX pH Up, Granular, White, 4 lb Package

Raises low pH. Reduces eye irritation and protects against corrosion and helps maintain the balance ranges of Clorox Pool and Spa comfort zone.

Clorox 12105CLX pH Down, Granular, Off-White, 5 lb Package

Lowers high pH and reduces skin irritation. Helps prevent scale formation on surfaces.