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Eaton Wiring Devices 3532-4W Telephone Jack with Wallplate, Thermoplastic Housing Material, White

Flush mount wallplates with telephone jack 4 conductor are ideal in today's homes and offices, where service connection points are nearly as important as media distribution itself. Our wallplates give you the flexibility and style that you need and your customers demand. For use in Cat. 3 RJ11, RJ14 and RJ25 applications. 100% computer tested to assure consistent high quality and reliable performance. Terminals and wire are color-notched for easy wiring. Coaxial adapters ideal for use with cable, satellite TVs, DVDs and outdoor antennas.

Zenith PN6ESMW Ethernet Jack, White

The Zenith ethernet surface mount jack is a great way to quickly and easily add a CAT 5/6e port to any flat surface. The surface mount box is ideal for an open office area by allowing simple and flexible installation.

Zenith TM1001SMSMW Wall Jack, White

The Zenith surface mount jack with white finish allows you to easily add a modular phone jack.

Zenith TW1001WPW Wall Phone Jack, White

The Zenith universal wall phone jack with white finish is for surface mounting to a standard outlet box. The white trim provides a neutral cover for your spaces decor.