Pipe Lubricants

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Danco 80360 Waterproof Faucet Grease, 1/2 oz, Clear

Danco Faucet Grease, Waterproof, 1/2 oz Capacity, 185 deg F Flash Point, 1 Specific Gravity, 400 deg F, NSF 61, For Use as a Lubricant on Faucets and Valve Stems

Danco 88693 Silicone Faucet Grease, 0.5 oz, Clear Paste

Danco Silicone Faucet Grease, Danco, 0.5 oz Capacity, Neutral pH, Paste, Composition: Dimethyl Polysiloxane, Silicon Dioxide, Clear, 200 deg F Flash Point, 1.03 Specific Gravity, -40 TO 400 deg F, Resists: Water, Oxidation, Harsh Chemicals, OSHA Approved, For Faucets, Valve Stems, Ceramic Stems

Harvey 050050-12 Faucet/Valve Grease, 1 oz, Amber, Semi-Solid Gel

Harvey Faucet/Valve Grease, 1 oz, Harvey, 15.6 g/l VOC, Semi-Solid Gel, Composition: Mineral Oil, Amber, Mild Petroleum Odor/Scent, 303 deg F Flash Point, 0.917 Specific Gravity

Harvey 050090 Silicone Grease, 1/2 oz, Paste

Harvey Silicone Grease, 1/2 oz, Harvey, Paste, Composition: Dimethylpolysiloxane, Silicone Dioxide, 575 deg F Flash Point, 1.02 Specific Gravity