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BIOLAB 08192AQU Pool Test Strip, 6-Way, 50

Tests for pH, free available chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and stabilizer. For use at poolside or with online water testing. Easy one-dip test.

BIOLAB 69000CLX Pool Care Kit

Pool care kit for small pools. Kit contain chlorinating tablets (1.5 lb) to kill bacteria, shock (1 lb) to clear cloudy water, small pool care guide and 10 6-way test strips. Treats up to 5000 gal.

BIOLAB 70050CLX Test Strip, 6-Way, 50

Works with online water analysis and can be read manually. Tests for total hardness, total chlorine, free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and stabilizer. For solutions to common pool problems. Personalized, accurate and reliable tests. Scheduled maintenance guide. Helpful product recommendations. 50 test strips.

BIOLAB 80000CLX Saltwater Test Strip

Designed to meet the unique needs of saltwater pool chemistry and equipment maintenance to keep water sparkling all season long. Ensures salt and balancer levels. Tests for total hardness, total chlorine, free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, stabilizer and salt to keep water clear of visible algae. Includes 50 6-way test strips and 10 salt level test strips.

Clorox 70000CLX 3-Way Test Kit, 1

Tests for pH and chlorine or bromine. Reliable poolside testing. Easy-to-read permanent color standards. Simplified testing with color-coded reagents.

JED POOL TOOLS 00-230 Test Kit Refill, 2-Way

1/2 oz bottle of OTO and 1/2 oz bottle of phenol red solutions. For testing bromine, pH levels and chlorine. Replacement testing reagents for sku no. (135.0966).